Bouquet From The Garden

I decided to try painting a flower bouquet in a glass vase. I haven’t painted glass in a while and thought it might be an interesting challenge. I definitely could use more practice.

I’ve really been embracing the resist style of painting for the last two paintings. It’s becoming my “style” so to speak. I use a lot of masking fluid to keep the whites white. I use a big, beat up, bristles going all over the place paint brush to apply the masking fluid. I like the messy energy those lines create.

Bouquet From The garden
This 11 x 15 painting was inspired by a photograph taken by Mary Weir.

With this painting I went all out with the resist. I really enjoy peeling the masking fluid off to see what was underneath. It’s always a surprise. I guess I like surprises, at least the kind that don’t make your heart stop. Sometimes when I peel the masking fluid off I am disappointed, but usually I am pleasantly surprised. The painting often looks so different than I imagined it would once the masking fluid is gone. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it is not.

This painting feels more subdued than my other paintings. The color isn’t quite so saturated. I painted it using a large, round watercolor brush. I didn’t want to be fussy with details so I put the smaller brushes away. I’m not too sure I like the bland color. On the other hand, the more subtle color has some advantages too. It’s just not me. Maybe that’s what I am trying to say.

I used the ink to define the shapes a little more after I removed the masking fluid. I think it adds another layer of movement to the flowers. When I look at this painting I imagine the wind was just blowing in through the window.

This is day 24 of the 30 in 30 painting challenge.


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