Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 9: Family

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 9: Family

Drawing family is probably every kids favorite thing to do. Tiny-Small is no different. She spends a lot of time drawing family pictures that include our pets. Her drawings are so funny and always capture something unique about the person she is drawing. She is also obsessed with drawing cats which is funny because my sister was the same way when she was a kid. Can drawing cats be genetic? Let’s all hope so!


Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 9: Family

When Tiny-Small drew me I recognized myself immediately. If that isn’t what I look like when I wake up in the morning it is certainly exactly how I fee. Zombie arms, hair sticking straight up, and with a glazed look in my eye is how I start my daily search for coffee. She captured it quite well.

While we were drawing pictures of family we got to talking about how sometimes friends are like family too. So I drew a group of friends.

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 9: Family
We are family I got all my sisters with me….

The best part about making these stickman drawings is Tiny-Small colors them for me afterwards. I like the quick transition and short shelf life of my stickmen drawings. I don’t have any attachment to them so they are the perfect group art project for me and my daughter to share. When this challenge is over I am sure we will find an additional use for them. Maybe they will make an appearance in future collage paintings.

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 9: Family
Jim is red and on the left, I am pink and in the middle, Tiny-Small is on the right.

Drawing a family portrait is a technique used in art therapy with kids. There is some debate over whether the drawings really mean anything or not, but I was still happy to see that Tiny-Small drew us all close together, which means she thinks we are all close to each other, and that Jim and I are about the same size, which might mean she thinks we are equally important. She drew herself smaller, but I am sure that’s because she is smaller than we are. I just thought I’d add this little piece in here mostly because I secretly want to be an art therapist one day. It seems like the perfect marriage between art and psychology. Drawing can also be helpful for adults because it reduces stress.

Today the drawing prompt is: Family.


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Tomorrow the drawing prompt is: AT THE BEACH


Happy Saturday!

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