Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 21: Bird Watching

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 21: Bird Watching

I always thought bird watching was for other people. By other people I mean grandparents and ornithologists. It just seemed so boring. I mean, you sit there looking out the window, and a bird flies by and then you stare at a book filled with 8 different drawings of  birds, that all look remarkably just like the bird that flew by the window. Then you try try to identify it. Or something like that. Thinking about it makes me sleepy. If reading about it makes you sleepy too, I apologize.

The thing is,  one day I snapped.

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 21: Bird Watching
Veronica was a secret bird watcher.

I went to South Africa for six weeks and became an obsessive bird watcher. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was the fantastic birds I was seeing. All the bright colors, the gorgeous plumage, and the way those birds strutted around, begging to be watched, may have contributed to my bird fascination. Either that or I just hit an age where bird watching suddenly became cool. Like a biological clock for bird watching or a genetic predisposition that kicks in the moment you reach a certain age. It could have been that too.

Now I am an official bird watcher. I even subscribe to Audubon magazine. I don’t know what to make of this transformation, but what can I say? I love birds. Now I have told the world. I’ve come out of the bird watching closet.

I hope my bird-loving declaration doesn’t start an Internet sensation with people arguing about the merits of bird watching while others complain about how uncool it all is. You’d be surprised how controversial bird watching can be. I mean, the debates over which field guide is best and how to use binoculars correctly can be grueling. Judge me as you will. I can take it. I promise.

Now, where did I put my binoculars and bird-sighting notebook?

The prompt for today is: Bird Watching. Let’s see some bird watching stickman drawings!

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The prompt for tomorrow is: Reading.

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