Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 2

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 2: Love

It’s day 2 of the stickman drawing challenge. I love seeing your drawings. I am having so much fun! Isn’t is amazing how no two look alike? I mean you each have your OWN signature stickman style. Which is kind of crazy since stickmen are mostly lines and circles, right? We all do things our own way. I just think that is cool.

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 2
Even stickmen fall in love

If you haven’t done day 1 yet don’t worry. You have plenty of time. You have until the end of the month and this is totally something you can do in a cram session. #31stickmen in one day is totally possible. I know some of you are going to do it all on August 31 st. because this is the place where procrastinators of the universe come together for special meetings and to bond with others just like them. I wear my procrastination and ability to do “all the things” at the very last minute like a badge of honor and you totally should too.

If you are new here and have no idea what I am talking about or want to know the rules, the prompts, and the reason I am doing a stickman drawing challenge just click the picture and it will take you back to the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Stickman Drawing Challenge #31stickmen

Today the prompt is LOVE. So lets see some stickmen in love or stick cats with “I heart fish” T-shits on or something. Shake it up a bit. Don’t be afraid to get creative. When you are finished drawing load that bad boy into the inlinkz tool below.


 Loading InLinkz ...


Remember to let go of perfection. Have fun. Make yourself laugh. Don’t be afraid to make an ugly stickman. Don’t be afraid to draw in the margins of your phone bill or the notes of that boring supervisor’s meting you had to attend at work. Doodling helps your brain get bigger and who does not want a bigger brain, right? If you are already confident in the drawing department and want a challenge, switch hands. If you normal write with your right, try drawing stickmen with your left. Engage a different part of your gray matter!

Congratulations on completing the stickman drawing challenge day 2. Don’t forget to invite the kids to play along too!

The prompt for tomorrow is: PETS

Happy Saturday!

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