Fourth Of July Photo Time Capsule

Happy July 4th my friends! I am sure you will be celebrating with cookouts, parades, and fireworks today. I was thinking about writing a blog post about Independence Day and started looking at July 4th pictures for inspiration. It’s funny how if you do the same things year after year you start to create a photo time capsule of your yearly traditions. We always go to the parade and the ice cream social in our town. We have a yearly photo of Tiny-Small eating a giant ice cream cone. I didn’t even know that was one of our traditions, but judging by the photographs we have taken it most certainly is!

Here is Tiny-Small eating ice cream in 2012.

Fourth of July Photo Time Capsule
Now you can see why we called her Tiny-Small.


Here she is eating the same ice cream, at the same place, in 2013. She sure changed a lot in one year, didn’t she?

Fourth of July Photo Time Capsule
So much bigger in just one year.

It’s kind of breath-taking how fast she is growing up.

I am grateful to be living in the time of digital cameras so I can document her life so easily. In the daily business of life things seem to move so slowly, but when you start looking at the years going by it really hits you how quickly time is passing. Even though I take a lot of photographs of Tiny-Small I wish I took more. Especially lately. She’s gotten tired of posing for the camera so I have less pictures of her now than I did when she was younger. I should say I have less clear photos of her now. She doesn’t want to stand still even for a moment these days.

I often feel nostalgic on July 4th because when I was a kid my family spent time with extended family or we went to see the fireworks on a big hill in Connecticut. We would pack a picnic and sit on a blanket with a bunch of other people. The fireworks went up over a river and people on either side of the river would shout to each other and the local radio station played music. It was a blast and I have some really fond memories of doing that. What surprises me about these photos of Tiny-Small is that they make me feel nostalgic for last year! I can’t believe that is even possible. Tiny-Small is growing up quickly and I know she won’t want to be my baby for much longer. I already miss her being little. These holidays are often so bittersweet, aren’t they?

I hope you enjoy time with your family this July 4th and get to see some gorgeous fireworks. Make a lot of wonderful memories! Jim has to work today and so does my mom so Tiny-Small and I will be on our own for most of the day. We’ll probably get into all sorts of red, white, and blue trouble. We are planning to watch the fireworks tonight from our front yard while roasting marshmallows. I can’t wait!

Before any of that happens, I am definitely heading out to get a giant, chocolate ice cream cone for Tiny-Small.  I have to keep this new tradition alive!

Happy fourth of July!

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