Chihuahua's Pee On Everything Part 2

Chihuahuas Pee On Everything Part 2

Chihuahuas pee on everything. I know because I wrote about it before and because I live with the cutest Chihuahua in the whole wide world. Our rescue dog, Stevie Wonder, has been a lot of work when it comes to potty training. We have pretty much failed with conventional methods so we are now working on prevention as much as possible. It’s going rather slowly, but since he is already over two years old and has better things to do than pee outside, we just keep hoping for a miracle.

Chihuaha's Pee On Everything part 2
Pink Rose Love

He is a wonderful dog and we adore him. Especially Tiny-Small because he lets her dress him up and he even plays baby with her. He takes naps on a couch pillow while she covers him with her doll blanket. It’s adorable. That dog is a sweetheart and a saint. Except of course when it comes to peeing on the furniture, the floor, the groceries we just brought in, and Jim’s shoes.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything part 2
A Chihuahua and his girl.

We finally got him crate trained. He sleeps in a crate at night so we no longer wake up to surprise pee puddles. It’s the daytime that is still a problem. We’ve started keeping him on a leash when he is in the house so we can keep an eye on him at all times. It’s been going well, although I know he misses having the freedom to run free over the top of the couch and across the coffee table at any given moment. We get a little tired of holding onto his leash as we go about our daily business. Tiny-Small, of course, loves to walk him indoors. She thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The other dogs are completely jealous because they think he is getting the royal treatment. I’m pretty sure even the goldfish are giving him the evil eye.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything part 2.
Don’t you just adore his seashell necklace?

Anyway, I am still hoping something clicks in his dog brain and the potty training efforts will have an impact. He’s a smart dog. He’s a great dog. He’s a chihuahua. Chihuahuas pee on everything. I keep reminding myself to have patience.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything Part 2

The good thing is Stevie Wonder doesn’t seem to mind wearing seashell necklaces and pink roses on his collar, nor does he seem to mind the never ending devotion and attention only a 4 year old girl with a princess obsession can give. Somehow, that makes all of the potty training struggle worthwhile.

Rescue dogs make the best pets.


6 thoughts on “Chihuahuas Pee On Everything Part 2”

  1. I’m sorry you are having such a struggle. Perseverance is pretty much the name of the game with an older dog that wasn’t trained in the first place, so there is hope. He is quite the looker, even in a dress. LOL

    1. He does have a nice brindle to him. He’s got a great personality too. I’ve rescued 6 dogs and each has had his or her own unique set of problems. My dogs have all changed after coming home so I have faith that Stevie Wonder will too. He’s definitely a smart dog. It’s probably just going to take some time. It’s still frustrating though!

  2. I still think something more is going on. Have you talked to your vet? I have 2 friends with Chihuahuas and they didn’t have any issues and both got them as puppies.

    1. From what I have been told they are easier to train if you get them as puppies. I wish we got Stevie Wonder as a puppy! I don’t know much about his history for the first two years of his life, but I am pretty sure he didn’t have the kind of owners that spent much time on potty training. A lot of people here just leave their dogs outside all the time and still use spanking as a method to change behavior. Rescue dogs often come with some baggage. I think it’s just going to take a long time to train him and with a quick Google search it’s easy to see it’s a common problem for Chihuahua’s his age. Most of the recommendations I’ve received revolve around keeping him on a leash while in the house or keeping him confined in one room (or a crate) so he isn’t peeing all over the place. That way we can see when he starts sniffing around, keep him on a schedule, and take him outside to do his business. We reinforce the good behavior with a treat. I just keep hoping it clicks eventually.

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