My Writing Process

My writing process became the topic of a blog post because my friend over at Banana Wheels tagged me in her post How I Write to participate in a writing prompt about writing. Because the world wants to know about my writing process! At least I am pretending this is information people are dying to read. If I think it than it must be true, right? Banana Wheels is a known trouble maker. That’s probably why I adore her so much. If you haven’t read her blog you should. She’s hilarious and I wish we were neighbors. Mostly because I really want to get a peek at the bad haircuts she keeps writing about.

Anyway, this prompt has a series of questions I am supposed to answer so I am going to do the best I can.

1. What are you working on?

I am working on so many projects that will likely never see the light of day or completion or paragraph number two. I have this outline for a children’s book, or possibly young adult book series, about princess sisters that get separated at birth. Or maybe they will be identical cousins like on the Patty Duke Show, but set in medieval times. That sounds funny, right? They walk alike, they talk alike…. I also have another fiction piece I started writing that has some super-natural elements and possibly a unicorn. I am pretty sure these stories will die with me. I’m not sure I am a fiction writer, but I fantasize about being one. I’m really more of a memoir writer which is great because fact is often even weirder than fiction, but sadly, there are never any unicorns.

Most of the time I am working on blog posts. I spend a lot of time scribbling notes on paper because I have a lot of ideas. Then I lose the paper, forget about the paper, or think it’s a horrible idea and spend a lot of time staring at a blank screen. Or out the window. Or at the dishes I should be washing.

Today I am thinking about making a page listing all of my favorite blogs so people will know what I am reading and maybe creating a “press” page, you know, in case I ever get any.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Well, I guess my genre is blogging about my life so I am just going to call myself an autobiographer. Spell check says that’s a made up word which makes sense since it’s totally a made up title. The difference is other people have published books and giant audiences and were most likely famous at some point which makes their life interesting to the average reader. Someone else probably wrote their book for them and then they signed their name to it. I am self-published (that’s why you’ll find typos, suspect facts, exaggerations, and the occasional misuse of the words their, there, and they’re around here) and I have a small, awesome audience. Have I ever told you that my audience is smarter than average, better looking than average, and also really kind? That’s why my audience is so small. This blog is not for the masses. Only the best people in the world are here. They are not a dime a dozen people and they put up with my nonsense which really says a lot about them. All good. I swear.

3. Why do I write what I write?

I feel like writing helps me process things and understand the way the world works and even the way I work better.  I hope my openness will encourage other people to be more open too. Somehow, all of that sharing makes me feel less alone. Maybe it makes other people feel less alone too. That’s kind of empowering.

I also like to make people laugh. Sometimes the most frustrating moments are packed with humor. Writing within a humorous context really helps me change my own perspective on things. As someone who tends to over-think and over-worry, writing puts my mind at ease. Especially when it’s funny.

4. How does my writing process work?

I make notes on anything and everything. I ask myself questions. I jot down ideas and sentences. I make a lot of lists. When I am writing about something from an emotional stand point I tend to just vomit it all up onto the screen and then do a ton of editing. When I am writing about something less personal I tend to spend time doing research.

My Writing Process
I also make calendars and schedules that I never keep. I even have to add in eating and folding laundry so I don’t forget to do those things. I just realized I never added in any bathroom breaks.

When I find myself staring at a blank screen with nothing to say I just make myself write anything and hope it turns into something. When I find myself staring at a blank screen for days with nothing to say I know it’s a sign that I have been neglecting my life so I try to get out and have some experiences. If you don’t have a life, there is nothing to write about.

I also try to find the story in the little things.


My Writing Process

That’s it. That’s how I write. I don’t know who to tag for this prompt. So, if you want to answer these questions on your blog and play with us just let me know and I’ll add a link to your post at the end of this one.

Happy Writing!

Yay! Kerry B. from Be a Mummy Blogger (where she offers expert “how to blog” training to mom bloggers everywhere) is playing our writing game. She’ll be answering the questions above soon, in the meantime, if you have questions about blogging go check out her website for tips and advice.



14 thoughts on “My Writing Process”

    1. I’d be prolific if I ever finished them all…I don’t recommend anyone hold their breath waiting on me! I wish I was more linear. The multiple interests and projects often result in me getting in my own way.

  1. “Have I ever told you that my audience is smarter than average, better looking than average, and also really kind? That’s why my audience is so small. ” Best quote ever. I want this on a t-shirt.

  2. I love it! I can relate to all of this. Lists and notes. Lists and notes. I find them everywhere. They help me feel both sane and insane at the same time.

    I for one am totally intrigued by the princess sisters/identical cousins story idea. Run with it. I can’t wait to buy a signed copy.

  3. Very cool way of addressing this.

    I really like that if you have nothing to write about, you say it’s because you’re not living life enough, and you need to go out and do more. I think I need to bear that one in mind. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  4. I have had the words for a children’s bed time book since I was in college, but I don’t have any pictures to go with them (ahem, cough cough).

    Look at you all fancy with a calendar! I love that you have one day to wash the laundry and another to fold and put it away!

    1. The sad part is I STILL have baskets of laundry hanging around my bedroom waiting to be put away. I get Jim and T.S.’s clothes put away and then I just live out of baskets. One step above college, just throw your clothes on the floor, livin’.

  5. A lovely article Lillian. What’s wonderful about the writing process is that although there are general rules you can follow to keep your mind nimble and your fingers productive, each writer has their own particular way of finding and expressing their inner creativity. I really love your last line: “I also try to find the story in the little things.” It’s often the little things that inspire the biggest stories!

    I’ve been a professional copywriter and blogger for nearly 15 years. I love helping ambitious and enthusiastic mums to live their business and blogging dreams. To this end I’ve recently started a blog: to help blogging mums get started, get noticed and (if they want to) get paid. I’d love to answer these questions on my blog. Please do link away if you think I could add to the conversation.
    Best wishes Kxx

  6. Lillian, You and I are so alike! I write to process too! I write down everything. I’m a notetaker and a listmaker!
    I love your blog! Wow! The art here is delicious!

    1. Writing has saved me big therapy bills. Painting too! I love the list. It’s the only way I get anything done and taking notes on everything…I only wish I could come up with a system to keep those notes from getting lost in my house.

      Thank you so much for subscribing!

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