Mermaid Love Ceramic Art Tile

Mermaid Art Tiles And Revenge Of The X-ACTO Knife

Mermaid art tiles are now for sale in my Etsy shop. I’m kind of excited because they even come with super cool stands. I am going to scan them into my computer so I can make prints and one day I will add those to my Etsy shop too. I say one day because I am so behind in adding things to my Etsy shop that I feel like just putting a sign on our house saying “Art Shop Inside.” I have merchandise piling up over my head.

Mermaid Love Ceramic Art Tile
Mermaid Love 4.25 x 4.25 inches. Available in my Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios

I love to make things. I love to write about things. I love hanging out with awesome people on social media. I even love designing my website and changing my headers and playing around a bit with html.  I completely dislike putting things into my Etsy shop. I put it off just like I put off doing the dishes or putting my laundry away. It’s kind of boring and technical and a bit monotonous. That’s why I sometimes go to the library and force myself to list things for sale until my eyes glaze over and I want to take a nap between a few dusty books nobody has checked out in ages.

Mermaid Flower Girl Ceramic Art Tile by Lillian Connelly
Mermaid Flower Girl Ceramic Art Tile 4.25 x 4.25 inches available in my Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios.

One day I am going to get an assistant or an intern or a daughter big enough to list things on Etsy for me. It’s a dream of mine. I keep thinking about how I could be spending my time better if my items were magically listed on Etsy without me ever having to know about it. These are the moments when I think Google brain might be a good thing.

Tulip Art Pendant by Lillian Connelly
Tulip Art Pendant available in my Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios

I have also added a bunch of new jewelry to my shop. I’ve spent two half days in the library this week so far. I might even go back tomorrow. It makes me want to cry, but how can I be a business if I don’t actually try to sell anything? How can I sell anything if I don’t devote some time to uploading images to Etsy?

Welcome To Paradise Art Pendant Necklace by Lillian Connelly
Welcome To paradise Art pendant Necklace available in my Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios

At home I am making more jewelry. I don’t know what happens, but one day I just wake up and feel compelled to make 100 necklaces and so I just do it during every free moment I can steal away from my family. I am cutting card stock while on the phone. I’m dying my fingers red and purple while listening to This American Life on NPR. I’m slicing my way through glue and paper with an X-ACTO knife while watching An American Horror Story. Like a boss.

Unfortunately, I got so distracted by all of the horror that I also sliced through my thumb with that X-ACTO knife. I was bleeding all over the place and debating whether to keep going or to stop when Tiny-Small came into the room, took one look at my thumb and ran to get the first aid kit. She came back with Snoopy bandaids. She said, “I’ll fix it mom since I’m going to be a people doctor next year.” Then she did fix it and I kept making jewelry without contaminating it with my DNA. I am probably going to stick with watching The Big Bang theory while making jewelry from now on. Although, with all of that laughing I might poke my eye out with that X-ACTO knife instead. I’m pretty sure that would make Tiny-Small go back to her previous dream of wanting to be a dog doctor.

Purple Mountain Majesties by Lillian Connelly
Purple Mountain Majesties 4.25 x 4.25 inches available in my Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am stocking up my Etsy shop with new items and bright colors and happiness. It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s time for mermaids and nice, cool landscapes, don’t ya think? Or maybe just some jewelry so you can walk around feeling awesome or at least a little fancy.

Mermaids rule. X-ACTO knives drool.


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