Mother’s Day Pendant Giveaway 2014

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CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNE C. YOU ARE THE SWEEPSTAKES WINNER! I will be contacting you by email in just a few minutes.

Mother’s Day Pendant Giveaway 2014 starts today! I wanted to share some of my art pendants with one lucky winner to celebrate Mother’s Day. I am giving away two art pendants so the winner can keep one and give one to a special mother in his or her life.


Art Pendant Necklaces
On The Left: Let Your Soul Soar. On The Right: Tulip Garden.


These pendants are hand painted and hand made by me. The glass has some minor imperfections that are part of the charm of the piece. They have a value of $36 USD.

How do you enter the contest? Just leave a comment below and tell me what you admire most about a mother in your life.


Rules of this Sweepstakes:

  • No purchase is necessary.
  • This sweepstakes is limited to U.S. residents who are 18 and older.
  •  The sweepstakes begins at 8am on May 3, 2014 and ends at 8am on May 5, 2014 at 8am. All times are Mountain Standard Time (MST).
  • You must leave a comment to enter all sweepstakes. The comment form must include an email address where the winner can be contacted.
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  • The odds of winning are determined by the number of sweepstakes participants.
  • The winner will be selected randomly. The winner will be selected using In the event of technical difficulty or failure the names will be randomly selected and winners announced as soon as the technical problem is resolved, but no later than two weeks after the sweepstakes closes.
  • Winners will be notified no Monday, May 5, 2015 by 5pm. The winner has 2 days to respond with a mailing address to claim their prize. *If the address is provided by May7th the pendants should arrive before Mother’s Day. They will be shipped priority mail.
  • Prize winner will need to provide a shipping address, date of birth, and first and last name to receive his or her prize. This information will be used for no other purposes than to confirm the winner is over 18 and to ship the pendants.
  • If the sweepstakes winner forfeits the prize or is found to be ineligible a new winner will be randomly chosen and contacted via email.
  • Lillian Connelly and all other people affiliated with It’s A Dome Life are not liable if the prize or sweepstakes in some way negatively impacts the winner or any other participants in the sweepstakes.
  • Mailing address: Lillian Connelly PO Box 833 Columbus, NM 88029.
  • Email address:
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Thank you for participating!

If you’d like to see more of my art pendants visit my Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios.


14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Pendant Giveaway 2014”

  1. My mother is one of, if not the, most amazing woman I know. There have been so many times in her life where I would’ve just given up and walked away, but she’s just astounded me. And she’s kept me together when my world has looked like it was falling apart. I cannot express with words how much she means to me.

  2. I Love most about my mother is that she always made sure that her children where always taken care of. She suffered a stroke about 7 years ago and is now left side paralyzed. One thing she has always loved has been jewelry and yours is right up her ally. She loves colors and I love her! Your jewelry is very nice I know my mom would love it!

  3. My mom is my rock. Any time I need advice, I automatically turn to her. She is smart, resourceful, compassionate and loves to help others. She is graceful and kind and always thinks about her loved ones. She raised me to believe in and participate in community service and to always put family first.

    Also, your pendants are beautiful.

  4. These are so beautiful, and I love how you balance art with being a mom and even inviting Tiny-small in to create as well. (Totally not brown-nosing,but that needed to be said.)

    I love how my own mother tries, and when she can’t find what she thinks might be the right words or actions, she just says so. She is a fantastic listener, and sometimes there just is no quick answer.

  5. I have always marveled at the strength my mother had to pack up her 2 toddler boys while 7 months pregnant with me and escape her very violent marriage. She was broke and living in a trailer with no utilities up until she gave birth to me. She turned it all around for us. The trajectory of my life could have been so so different if it were not for her bravery.

  6. Thoroughly enjoy your blog – Tiny Small is precious! Love your art work. I know two lovely ladies, beautiful mothers, who would wear them proudly.

  7. I have to say I admire myself for not trying to sell my kids on the Internet. Cuz it is tempting. Go me!

  8. I absolutely love, love, love these!!! So pretty, so colorful, winning one would make my day!!! 🙂 You’re an amazing blogger and an amazing artist, Lillian!!! <3

  9. Even though my mother has not had a easy life, sometimes working 3 jobs to raise 3 daughters, she always made sure we had what we needed and some of what we most desired. Because of how her life turned out, she now has a hard time just enjoying life. That is my wish for her … To enjoy life and be happy, take time for herself and be pampered!

    Lillian, you are so talented! You can take a vision from your mind and transpose it to art! That is the hardest thing for me to do, to get what’s in my mind out so others can see it.

  10. Although I lost my own mom a while ago, my mother-in-law has really been there for me and my kids.

  11. I admire my mom so much. She had a bad stroke two years ago, and her life has completely changed. She has more challenges than anyone I know, yet she is also the most caring and compassionate person I know.

  12. My mom is awesome! She has done so much for me and was both my mom and my dad growing up. She did everything on her own and raised us to the best of her ability. Now she takes care of her mom who suffers from dementia and is still raising my little brother all while getting a new degree and working. She’s super mom!

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