Chihuahuas Pee On Everything

Chihuahuas Pee On Everything

Chihuahuas pee on everything. EVERYTHING! When we brought Stevie Wonder home we didn’t realize he was going to be marking his territory all over the living room, but he did. So, we got him neutered thinking that would help. It helped a little, but since he was already two years old his peeing on the inside was pretty much set in stone.

Chihuahuas Pee On Everything
Snuggling with Tiny-Small’s toy.

I google searched solutions and came up with just a few that might work. Mostly people just said, “If your Chihuahua isn’t trained by two you are screwed.” I had a feeling we were screwed. Stevie Wonder was a peeing machine. I considered buying stock in Nature’s Miracle since I was using it so much. If only he could get a job as “professional urinator” for movies and TV shows we could be financially set for life.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything
These worked until he took a Wiki-leak.

One suggestion I stumbled upon online was to diaper the dog. I wasn’t too comfortable with this option because diapers and dogs just seemed like a weird combination, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So, I bought some doggy diapers. I became one of THOSE pet owners. The older I get the more and more I become the kind of person I never imagined I would be. I put diapers on Stevie Wonder when he was in the house and I couldn’t keep a close eye on him. Like all the hours Tiny-Small is awake and getting into trouble. The first couple of times he wore his diaper happily and never peed in it or anything. I put him outside like clockwork and I thought we had found some middle ground. It seemed like we had reached an understanding of some kind. I considered tempting fate by removing the diaper when he was inside. After all, some people claimed that their dogs were cured of peeing inside just by wearing a diaper for a few days. Sadly, a few days later, he peed all over himself and the diaper and I had to give him a bath. I tried the diaper again on another occasion, but he chewed it off and then Tiny-Small ran around the house trying to put it back on him.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything
Crate UP, Stevie Wonder.

Another option was crate training. I tried that next. It’s a very slow process because the dog is supposed to like being in the crate. So, I started giving Stevie Wonder treats in his crate and putting him in the crate for short periods of time. After a few weeks of this, he tolerates the crate, but I don’t think he’s ever going to love it. He never goes in on his own. I’m not sure he ever will. After spending a month or two in animal control lock-down I can’t blame him for not enjoying time in a cage.

Through all of this I have been praising him for peeing outside and giving him treats for peeing outside. I’ve followed him around the house as much as possible trying to keep him from peeing on the furniture. It’s helped, but I think I am the one getting trained. Stevie Wonder is just going about his daily business while I chase him around and observe his every move. We have not reached pee-free status.

A few times we have grumbled and maybe even quietly sworn a bit. I mean even Tiny-Small has gotten in on the complaining. The other day I heard her exclaim, “Damn it, Stevie Wonder, you peed again!” So, I guess we might be swearing and complaining a little more loudly than we realized.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything
Saved by adorableness.

All I can say is it’s a good thing he is so funny and so adorable because otherwise we’d probably think about regifting him to some unsuspecting friend or relative (just kidding friends and family…maybe). He is a really cute dog. He plays and runs super, really, duper fast. He can jump very high and he is an excellent watch dog. Nothing gets past his super-sonic hearing. He’s also fearless and will bite your ankle if he doesn’t think you belong around here. Plus, he’s snuggly and likes laps. We’re keeping him, pee and all.

I haven’t given up hope. I may still succeed in potty training him one day. It seems impossible, but miracles do happen. Anyway, if you are thinking about getting a Chihuahua you have been warned: Chihuahuas pee on everything.


19 thoughts on “Chihuahuas Pee On Everything”

  1. Lil. On top of everything you have this too? Oy.

    Have you tried “NoGo!” ? We used it for a week with Charlie around five months of age and it pretty much stopped him in a few days.

    We bought it at Petsmart.


  2. I have heard this from many people who live with and love chihuahuas, but don’t give up hope. You might have a few puddle free years between youthful impulsiveness and elderly incontinence. Or not.

    1. I was talking about it to my mom and she said, “You know Chihuahua’s can live for 20-25 years.” That’s a lot of puddles! Haha…maybe we’ll get a few years off in the middle. If not, well, he keeps me laughing so I know the good will out-weigh the bad.

  3. Poor little furbaby. Is he generally nervous? Peeing usually accompanies him somehow not feeling secure in his territory. How long have you had him?

    1. Stevie Wonder isn’t a nervous dog. He’s probably the most confident dog I have. Our other dog, Lucy, does pee when she is nervous. We don’t know what happened to her before she came to live with us, but sometimes when new people come over she pees on the floor. She has some fear, especially of tall men. It’s heart breaking to imagine what kind of cruelty she endured before we adopted her. Stevie Wonder seems to think he has to pee on everything to make sure everyone else knows what belongs to him (which is everything). I once caught him peeing on our other dogs food bowl!

      1. Territory marking like that screams that he’s not secure in his environment. It’s like establishing dominance. How does he get along with your other dog? Usually territory issues run parallel with general nervousness but either way, he’s thinking in his little puppy brain that he needs to mark his territory or someone’s going to take it from him or that he thinks he’s the dominant member of the entire household (big dog personality in an itty bitty body)

        1. I am pretty sure he thinks he is the dominant family member. Although, he isn’t mean or anything. He seems to get along pretty well with our other dogs. They run around and play together. He is two years old and I don’t think he was potty trained by his previous owners so we are starting from scratch. I’ve read Chihuahua’s often have dominance issues and territory marking issues, but it wouldn’t surprise me that he thinks he might lose his territory considering he moved between a few homes and then spent time in animal control before he came to live with us in January. He hasn’t had much stability in his short life. Thanks for the link!

          1. No prob. Little dogs do tend to have dominance issues. Hopefully with some training and behavior mod the little guy can get back on track.

  4. I have a chi mix and he did a great job at potty training. It took a few months of crate training but he finally got it. I got a Yorkie mix a few weeks ago and he has been a nightmare to potty train so far. He is about to get neutered. He is only 5 1/2 months old so I am hoping by a year he will finally get it.
    Yorkies are stubborn from what I read and you have to reward them with treats when they go potty outside. Once they learn that they get treats for going outside it will soon become a habit.

    1. I hope you have good look training your Yorkie. I think these little dogs are a bit like cats…they think their humans are here to serve them! I know Stevie Wonder thinks he is in charge around here.

    1. Stevie Wonder isn’t much of a barky dog, unless someone comes to the door. Then all bets are off. He’s so entertaining. If he didn’t pee on the floor he’s be the perfect dog!

  5. I have 2 chihuahua’s and I crate trained both but I got them as baby pups. The oldest is 10 and the other is 4. The 10 year old is house broken but the youngest, at times, still poops in the house if I don’t pay attention to her signs of wanting to go outside. The oldest will whimper when she needs to go out but the youngest doesn’t. She will just go up to you to get your attention and you pretty much have to ask her if she needs to go potty. If she does, she’ll head to the door.
    I will say, it did take quite a while to crate train compared to the old fashion way of taking them out every couple hours. Chihuahua’s are very stubborn and smart dogs. So be patient, the training should work even given his age, it just might take longer.

    1. I think Stevie Wonder is probably the smartest dog I’ve ever had. I keep hoping he’ll get it eventually. He’s not one to let us know he wants to go out either. I will just keep working on training him and hope it all clicks!

  6. i don’t think it’s just chihuahuas. we’ve got a bichon. and he pees on every last thing. he’s 12 now. he was trained. but…somewhere over the last year or so…he’s become a bit untrained.

    he’s also not fixed. so, i hear that’s part of the problem.

  7. I got a Pisser as well. A 3 year old male not neutered. Hes cute to look at but has also bitten quite afew noses!!! Growly little guy that is lucky hes a family member or else I would have got rid of him long ago! Hes only friendly when he wants to be and struts around like the king pissing everywhere we go. Just cute to look at!

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