Caturday! Because Cats Own This Day.

Caturday, because all other days are subpar.

Caturday is an Internet tradition that I have been determined to become a part of for months. I know, months isn’t exactly impressive, but I just discovered Caturday also known as #Caturday and since cats and Saturdays are two of my favorite things it all makes total sense.

#Caturday! Because Cats Own This Day
Alcohol ink on Yupo paper 9×12.

This is a beautiful cat that I have named “Blue-Eyed Beauty” and the really cool thing is I have never seen this cat in person. What?! How?! Wait, you might not be impressed that I used a photograph, but I am because this photograph is special. This photograph comes from a wonderful website called Paint My Photo that I recently joined. It’s the coolest website ever! It’s this place where photographers and painters (or people who work in any medium)  get to mingle. The best part is the photographers donate their photos as reference photos for artists to use.

No fees. No nonsense. No copyright problems.

Just people being nice.

It’s truly lovely. It’s also fun. I get the sense there is a thriving community there too. I am looking forward to getting more involved in it.

I’m also looking forward to painting things I’d never be able to take my own reference photos of. People from all over the world are contributing. The sky is the limit!

“Blue-Eyed Beauty” is based on a photograph taken by Elize Bezuidehout.

Caturday! Because Cats Own This Day

I took a close up of the cat’s face because I like those blue eyes.

I took this photo in brighter light. Isn’t the alcohol ink lovely when it glows? It’s one of my favorite things about working in this medium.

Caturday! Because Cats Own This Day

It felt  really good to get back into the studio again. Especially since I get to contribute to Caturday. The best day of the week, obviously.


P.S. I’m pretty sure I confessed to liking dogs a little more than cats at some point during the writing of this blog. Don’t tell my cat. He’s extremely jealous. He’s also a known biter.

Caturday! Because Cats Own This Day
Not Mickey. The cat that is not our other cat.

Happy Caturday! Go snuggle up some fur babies like the cat lovers you are.


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