I See The Seashore – Landscape Day 12

I see the seashore! For some reason this one just reminds me of being out on a boat. The waves are making you bob up and down and sometimes you catch a glimpse of trees on the shore. I am not sure I should call it a seashore because usually you don’t see a row of trees growing out of the sand. Maybe it should be “I see the lakeshore” or “On Golden Pond” so I can catch the attention of Peter Fonda fans. Peter Fonda fans, abstract sea water, and art made by a stay at home mom go together like I don’t know what else, right?

I See The Seashore - Landscape Day 12
I See The Seashore alcohol ink painting on ceramic tile.

Either way, there is water and trees. Two of my favorite things. Plus, being in a boat is pretty fantastic. I miss living on the coast. I miss fresh seafood and sea air and salty-wind-weathered buildings. I miss going to the beach and making sand castles. I miss boardwalks.

Of course, if I moved back to the coast I’d miss the big sky, the green chili, and the mountains in New Mexico. I’d also miss the space and very little traffic. New Mexico has ruined me I think. It gets in your blood. People always say once you live here a while you will always come back no matter how far you move away. Maybe it’s got some kind of spell over people? I don’t know, but I would certainly miss the sun too. I’m becoming a sun worshiper minus the brown, leathery skin. It really helps me feel energetic and happy. When we have a few days of gloom I barely feel motivated to put on my socks. Not good!

So, I used plastic wrap again on this tile to make the waves. The plastic wrap trick works well with watercolors, but a bunch of people in my alcohol ink group have been experimenting with plastic wrap and ink so I had to try it too! It’s so fun. If you like alcohol inks give it a try. Just put some ink on a tile, put a pieces of plastic wrap over it and scrunch it up to get some texture. Let it dry completely and then remove it. You’ll be surprised every single time!

Is there anything you want to know about using alcohol inks? Let me know if you have any questions. I am thinking about making some more video demonstrations soon. I’ll address anything you are interested in knowing more about.

Enjoy your Friday!



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