Melissa’s Rainbow – Landscapes Day 9

Melissa’s Rainbow is a painting I was going to save for St. Patrick’s Day, but then I just couldn’t wait six more days. I know, that is a really bad sign for my ability to delay gratification. I fear I would have been one of those kids that ate the marshmallow in the marshmallow study. Actually, as a kid, I probably was able to delay gratification for much longer. As an adult, I know life is short. So, I am eating the marshmallow when I have the chance! Besides, I just love this painting too much to wait six more days. It’s not too often that I get to paint a rainbow. I’m all about rainbows. Especially when your best friend from high school lends you a rainbow photo to paint. I mean, that’s just cool all the way around, right?

Melissa's Rainbow - Landscapes Day 9
Melissa’s Rainbow

Melissa lives on a lake and she took this photo out of her bathroom window. I think the photo is pretty cool. I tried my best to interpret it in paint. I omitted a few things, like the houses on the other side. I wasn’t in the mood to fuss over angles and plus, I really wanted the clouds to get all of the attention. I hope Melissa likes it as much as I do. She was kind enough to lend me a few photos of her lake after I whined all over Facebook about not having any good landscape reference photos. I was so grateful to have something different to paint. I think I am a little tired of painting so many brown mountains. The desert has it’s own beauty, but sometimes I miss real trees. Most of my trees are really just bushes sculpted to look like trees. Let’s face it, I miss New England. I’ve grown to love New Mexico, but I’ll always be a New England gal at heart.

Melissa’s Rainbow was painted using watercolors on Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper.
It’s a fairy large painting (18×24) and I did a lot of wet into wet work with the sky. The lake water has a slight texture because I used saran wrap on it before it dried. It’s pretty subtle though because I used gray on top of gray and plus I painted over quite a bit of it. Besides, it’s more about the clouds and the rainbow. Maybe I should call this a skyscape instead?

So, Happy St. Patricks Day six days early.

Thank you, Melissa! You saved the day.


11 thoughts on “Melissa’s Rainbow – Landscapes Day 9”

  1. Beautiful! I love it!
    And delayed gratification is way overrated anyway! 🙂
    And I’m totally with you on the “real trees”. As amazing and gorgeous in it’s own right the desert vegetation is , sometimes I just miss a good old fashioned oak tree or and … water! 🙂

  2. that is so pretty! I so admire your ability in watercolor. I keep trying to paint in my digital watercolors, but it always ends in disappointment. I think need some lessons. Maybe I’ll try to find a how-to book.

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