Fireflies in The Garden Landscapes Day 15

Don’t Forget To Wear Green And One Last Landscape (Day 15)

Don’t forget to wear green today! I know, if I wanted to impact what you were wearing today I should have posted this blog a wee bit earlier, right? I am so excited it’s St. Patrick’s Day even though I don’t have anything planned. I am going to sneak some green food dye into a few food items to surprise Tiny-Small. Hopefully she won’t be so surprised she refuses to eat any of it. I guess that’s a risk I am willing to take today, the day of green!

It’s the last day of my Landscape challenge. This is day 15. I am happy because I want to get back to painting some flowers for Spring. I have a box of tiles calling to me…paint me! PAINT ME!

Fireflies in The Garden Landscapes Day 15
Fireflies in the garden 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 alcohol inks on tile

I am also working on a few portraits and my gratitude boxes. I’ve been trying to put more merchandise in my Etsy shop, but that has been going much slower than I planned. For some reason I am not very good at carving out time to add things to my Etsy shop. I don’t like having to answer so many questions before I can list an item. It’s very time-consuming. I’ve been seeking advice for how to list things more efficiently and so far people have told me to use the phone app. Do you have any Etsy listing tips you’d like to share? I’d be grateful for any insights you might have.

Watch out for leprechaun’s today! Watch out for drunk drivers too. Does that make me sound old? Probably, but I don’t care. Stay safe! I’m a mother now so I can say things like that.

P.S. I wrote about my stubborn, funny, looking-for-a-fight Irish family last year if your curious and if you want to see me and my dog wearing an Irish Princess crown: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

If you just like crowns I am wearing one in this post too where I lament trying too hard to be a fabulous blogger: Wait, How Much Longer Do I Have To Be Fabulous?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May it be filled with rainbows and a pot of gold!



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