St. Patrick's Day Art Pendants

St. Patrick’s Day Art Pendants Now Available!

I’ve been making St. Patrick’s Day art pendants. I’m Irish. I love green. I know it’s early, but is it ever too early for corned beef or beer dyed green? Or being silly? Or trying not to get pinched? Maybe’s that’s pushing it a little, but I remember getting pinched in school on St. Patrick’s Day because I forgot to wear green. I got pinched a lot. It still hurts when  think about it.

St. Patrick's Day Art Pendants
New St. Patrick’s Day Art Pendants In My Etsy Shop: Dome Life Studios

So, I was thinking about you when I got out the green alcohol ink and all of my glass pieces. I figured, you don’t want to get pinched either! My plan is to just start wearing one of my green pendants now…and wear it every day until March is over. That way I won’t forget to wear green on the big day. Plus, who am I kidding, green reminds me of Spring and I am SO ready for Spring, aren’t you?

Not everyone is into wearing giant, foam, green, sparkly leprechaun glasses or dressing in emerald-green from head to toe. I mean, I totally am, I just never seem to do it on the right day. Much like I am wearing Christmas socks right now, in February. What? They were the only clean and folded socks in my drawer! Anyway, the point I am trying to make is St. Patrick’s Day can be celebrated in classy and subtle ways too. Shamrock necklaces are cool and they provide good luck year round* unlike other art jewelry and green sweatpants.

One thing I want to mention, to people who have purchased my pendants before, I am adding additional shipping to my current pendant inventory. Unfortunately, the post office has been losing my jewelry left and right so I am now sending them all priority mail in a flat rate shipping box so insurance is included. These are mini, one of a kind, works of art that I cannot reproduce. When one gets lost in the mail it makes everyone sad. I am hoping this will remedy the situation. Plus, this will put the responsibility of delivering your necklace back on the Post Office where it belongs. If they lose it they will have to refund your money so no more shrugging and telling me my merchandise is stuck in a bin somewhere and unlikely to be ever found again. Whatever happens to all of that lost mail anyway? Do you ever wonder about that? I keep picturing my jewelry piling up in a warehouse waiting to be worn and then one day being auctioned off to the highest bidder, much like they do with storage units when renters don’t pay their bills. I am waiting for the reality show.

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*Results not typical for St. Patrick’s Day Art Pendants. Consult your personal leprechaun before wearing. You may be required to take a trip over the rainbow. This pendant works best when you are already extremely lucky, good-looking, funny, and smart which my magic 8 ball informs me you, indeed, are, which means the pendant will probably work best as a decorative, anti-pinching device. I cannot guarantee any more luck than you typically have, but since you are so amazing and make your own luck, you really just need to look good while doing it by wearing a St. Patrick’s Day Art Pendant.



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    1. The post office is kind of weird because you pay them for a service, but they don’t actually have to perform the service. They can do anything with your mail and there isn’t any recourse you can take except to pay them more money to ensure they perform the service to begin with. It’s unlike any other business. For some reason my mail often spends two weeks in Texas. I have no idea why!

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