My Peacock Painting Is In A Video

My Peacock Painting Is In A Video

My peacock painting is in a video! Yay! I am so excited because, Karen Walker, an alcohol ink painting genius/goddess, included my painting in a video she created to highlight the talents of people who participated in her peacock painting challenge. Wow…that was a long sentence. I ran out of breath just reading it. The video is amazing. I watched it with my mouth wide open…in awe. The peacocks are each so different. It’s just fascinating to see the same subject painted in so many various styles and colors. It’s really a treat to watch. I had a total “I’m not worthy” Wayne’s World-esque moment watching this video. I would have bowed to it if anyone was watching, but since I am alone I just pretended to bow. The talent is just incredible. I am so grateful Karen included my peacock. I know I had a lot of fun painting it!

My Peacock Painting Is In A Video
My peacock painting: “Peacock in Bakersfield” Alcohol inks on Yupo paper 11×14 $175.00


If you are a fan of art, alcohol inks, or peacocks you should watch this. Then go visit the websites of these artists so you can be even more impressed. I know I am ready to step up my game and paint an even better peacock the next time this challenge rolls around! This is what happens when you surround yourself by people you want to be like or people who have talents and skills you want to have yourself…you get inspired!

I really enjoy painting birds. There is something about their eyes and the way they hold their bodies that I find intriguing. I especially enjoy the peacock paintings because the feathers are so neat! I was so happy to participate in this challenge, mostly because one of Karen Walker’s peacock paintings started my whole investigation and journey into using alcohol inks. I feel like I have come full circle in a way. She is an excellent teacher and so generous with her knowledge. Thank you, Karen, for creating this video and a platform for alcohol ink artists to show their talent to the world!


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  1. That is a great video. And you are right, it was all the colors and different styles that made it so wonderful to watch. I was watching and I said that’s my favorite and then, oh but I love that one and then the next one and on and on.

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