Online Art Classes Are Fun

Online Art Classes Are Fun For Everyone!

Online art classes are fun. I know because I have taken quite a few of them. I’ve also joined different art groups to learn new skills and meet new people. Both have been extremely helpful in my artistic development. I’ve learned new techniques and about new mediums and I have incorporated what I have learned into my art making processes.

The latest online art class I took was taught by Heather Murray. She does these wonderful collage pieces that I have admired for years. She uses old photographs to tell a story. I signed up for her collage class because I really wanted to take my mixed media pieces to a different place. Sometimes I feel like my mixed media pieces have a childish quality about them. I’ve really struggled with moving past that. Heather’s work is often mysterious and strange, but also playful and deep. These are things I admire because she uses collage and old photos to explore very mature themes. She adds words to her paintings, but her work is never “cute” in the way that many mixed media art pieces are.  Each piece she creates tells a story. That is another thing I would like to explore more in my mixed media pieces. After taking her class I feel much more confident that I can change the way I create my mixed media collages. Her online art class gave me some new tools for my toolbox.

I didn’t have any old photos of people, but I did have this great picture of Tiny-Small so I decided to use it. I am really happy with the results and I had such a blast creating it. The photo of Tiny-Small was taken at the Tractor Store. She was trying on a cowboy hat. I took the photos of the horse and the goat at a county fair a few years ago. The farm in the background is from an old photo of an Amish farm I purchased on Ebay.

Online Art Classes Are Fun



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