Painting A Boston Terrier With Alcohol Inks On Yupo Paper

Painting A Boston Terrier Using Alcohol Inks On Yupo Paper Video
Painting A Boston Terrier

I made a video of me painting a Boston Terrier painting!

I have had a few questions about using masking fluid on the Yupo paper to keep the whites white. Most of these questions came after I posted the first Boston Terrier painting I painted so, I figured, why not paint another one? Painting a Boston Terrier on video was a project born out of interested people asking interesting questions. Yay! I love interesting questions and interested people. There are just a few issues I need to let you know about.

First, I am not very good at making videos…yet, so I apologize for the quality of this one. I may have sped it up a little too much in my quest to make it brief. It was originally almost 40 minutes long! Who has time to watch me paint like a snail crossing the garden, right? I sped it up like 800 times or some kind of insanity like that. Do not try to paint this quickly at home. Seriously, you might put your eye out!

Trying to concentrate on painting and the camera and making sure it was all getting in the shot was not so easy either. I mean, I actually grabbed the purple ink instead of the black, but you’ll see what I am talking about! The camera positioning was difficult because I paint under a skylight so shadows are everywhere as soon as I lean in. Not to mention, when I got into the painting I’d forget to make sure it was still on the screen and when I was checking the screen my painting went a little bonkers. So, anyway, long complain-y story short:  This is not my best painting or my best video, but you’ll at least get the idea and see how the ink runs and how the masking fluid keeps the whites white.

Speaking of masking fluid, I am actually using some gloppy, cheap masking fluid that I got at Wal-Mart. I ran out of the usual stuff and didn’t want to wait a week for it to arrive so I picked some up when I was buying milk. You can get a better quality masking fluid in an art store. It goes on a little smoother than this stuff. Plus, it’s so cold in my studio that it may have even froze a little and then defrosted. Luckily, the cheap, possibly frozen, stuff isn’t so bad for making animal fur. The clumps and lines sort of look natural. I mean, as natural as a purple dog can hope to look.

At some point you will see something black dart in and off the screen. That is a blow dryer. I used it to hurry the drying process. The dark inks sometimes take longer to set. You might notice it smeared a little when I was taking the masking fluid off. Especially if your eyes can see things at the speed of light. This wouldn’t happen if I had let it dry longer. Sometimes the happy accidents are what make the piece. A smear can become a shadow, so if this happens to you do not despair! All is not lost. Another layer of ink can push the first color right to the edges. If you have any questions about the process please ask me in the comment section or email me (there is an ask Lillian box below in the footer) or chat me up on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Now, go forth and paint! Try painting a Boston Terrier to experiment with the black and white. The graphic nature of their fur patterns make it easier to distinguish where the ink should go. It’s a good way to experiment. Plus, if the color bleeds into the white, well, it still looks pretty cool.


7 thoughts on “Painting A Boston Terrier With Alcohol Inks On Yupo Paper”

  1. I didn’t get to watch it yesterday, but I just did. You make the whole process look effortless and orchestrated! I know that it isn’t, but going so fast makes it look that way. What do you use to take off the masking liquid? eraser? I’m almost ready to try it again. 😉

    1. I started with one of those kneaded erasers, but then just used my gloved hands. I was having trouble holding the eraser with the gloves on. I don’t like wearing gloves, but have been making myself do it. The erasers work better when the ink is really dry. Mine was still a little wet so the eraser was turning purple and then redepositing the ink back on the paper too. Fast forwarding probably does make it look easier. I just didn’t think anyone would have 40 minutes to watch at the regular speed. I know even I was getting bored watching myself paint…ha!

  2. Good grief! This video just proved I had no idea what watercolor painting meant. At one point, I was actually yelling in my head (so my family wouldn’t take my computer away from me) “Why is she pouring paint all over the picture????” I didn’t know there was such a thing as an eraser.
    I’m very glad you posted this video. It gives me a whole new understanding and appreciation for artists’ work.
    And, I’m not going to comment on all the dog posts, but I’ve been going through and catching up. I’m loving the dog heads on people. The dancers on stage was my favorite, but I liked the clever idea/title to Dog Walk Dog World.

    1. Thanks Christine! I am actually working in ink in this video. It’s not watercolor, although there are people who pour watercolor too. I am so glad you didn’t yell and get your computer confiscated!

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