Sometimes It’s A Dog Walk Dog World (Day 17 of 30 in 30)

Sometimes It's A Dog Walk Dog World by Lillian Connelly
Sometimes It’s A Dog Walk Dog World: 5×8 Mixed Media on watercolor paper $45.00


I started “Sometimes It’s A Dog Walk Dog World” with a quick watercolor wash and a few pencil lines. Then I decided to cut this lady and her stroller out of Parents Magazine. I used to read that magazine, back when I was a really new parent, but now I mostly use it for collages. I bought a 4 year subscription on the cheap and it has been well worth it. Anyway, then, I decapitated Stroller Lady and her baby with a snip of my super sharp scissors. I know, the art world is a cruel place, but someone has to chop up all of those magazine people and turn them into something new, right?

Yesterday I used my camera and computer to shrink down a few of my dog paintings. I printed them out to see if I could turn them into dog-lover jewelry. I got the sizes a little off a few times, so I took those extra photos and cut out the dogs heads and glued them to the headless people from Parents Magazine. I am a little obsessed with putting dog heads on human bodies. I’m not sure why. It’s probably some yet-to-be-diagnosed illness. No doubt I will one day have my own page in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I just hope they include a few of my collage paintings so people know exactly what they are dealing with.

The dog in the window is an image transfer of one of my paintings. That’s why he looks sort of milky. It’s something new I am experimenting with. Image transfers seem to be all the rage with the mixed media crowd…a crowd I am desperate to belong to. Obviously!

It’s day 17. I am about to lose my dog painting mind. Last night I was even dreaming about Boston Terriers. My fingers are permanently ink-stained. My family is complaining that they can’t remember what I look like. So, in short…it’s going pretty well. I was afraid I wouldn’t get my painting done today, but I did and it is even before dinner time! Plus, I sort of love it. Well, maybe I don’t love it, but I love the idea. I mean, there is always room for improvement, right?

The real test comes this weekend. We have a guest coming. It’s a new kink in my over scheduled schedule. I am seriously going to have to put my super woman cape on to pull this painting a day thing off for the next three days. Wish me luck!

Have a nice weekend, but before you go please visit Leslie Saeta’s art blog and check out my fellow painters trying to make it to day 30 of this paint challenge!

P.S. Sometimes, when it is really cold outside I wish we lived in a dog walk dog world, don’t you?


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