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iPhone 5c Survives 42 Hours

I bought an iPhone 5c on Monday from Target. I didn’t exactly need a new phone, but my contract said I was entitled to one and the Target sales lady was very persuasive. I could basically get the phone for free because I would pay only $50 and then get a $50 gift card to spend in Target. I was Christmas shopping so spending money in Target was a given. I mean I was already there, right? So, I went for it and came home with a bright, shiny, new, blue phone. I was in a rush though, so I didn’t have time to get a fancy, bullet proof cover and I did not purchase the insurance because it was twice as much as I was paying for the phone. Besides, my iPhone 4 has been with me for over two years and is in excellent condition. Of course, it’s always had a protective, magic, bouncy cover to protect it.

Anyway, yesterday I was having a strange day where I just kept dropping everything. I mean, I could just be standing still and things would fly out of my hands like magic just to crash to the floor in front of me. I never should have picked up my iphone 5c, but I wanted to photograph the jewelry I was making and add it to my Etsy shop.

Mermaid jewelry
Mermaid Sitting In The Sea

WARNING: What happens next may be too graphic for technology lovers and jewelry lovers alike.

I had just finished photographing a necklace and was in the process of picking up another glass pendant when everything I was holding flew up into the air. It looked like I was trying to juggle. A long, loud, “Noooooooo…” came out of my mouth in slow motion as my iPhone 5c landed screen side down at my feet on the hard, cold floor. My jewelry pendant bounced and skidded next to a chair leg among the dust and detritus that seems to exist in every family with a small child. When I picked up the phone, the screen was completely shattered. Jim came rushing to my side and stood next to me as we stared down at the spider webs of woe running through the touch screen glass of my brand new iPhone 5c. Amazingly, it still worked, if you didn’t mind a few scrapes and cuts on your finger as you scrolled through contacts and Facebook statuses. That gave us hope for a moment.

iPhone 5c Survives 42 Hours
crack, smash, crack.

The jewelry was completely unharmed. One thing I learned from my badly performed juggling act is that my jewelry is way tougher than an iPhone 5c. I don’t know what this means exactly, but I am determined to turn it into some kind of jewelry marketing scheme. Although, I doubt Apple would be amused. I am sure they would find my comparison a little insulting and instruct me to spend more time in the aisle with protective phone covers the next time I purchase their merchandise. Also, I can almost hear someone saying, “You should have purchased the phone insurance. We would have covered this.” I learned another thing too: Rushing and multitasking is sometimes bad. It’s probably always bad. I just don’t know how to avoid doing it.

Blue Bird of Happiness art pendant necklace
Blue Bird of Happiness

I was really angry at myself because even though the iPhone 5c didn’t appear to be any better than my iPhone 4 it just felt cooler because it was blue and sleek and new. I felt like I should cry, but I’d only had the phone for 42 hours so it was sort of like finding out a complete stranger had died in some horrible accident. I was sad, but not exactly sad enough for uncontrollable sobbing. We called Apple support. Well, Jim did. I was too busy mourning my loss and licking my invisible wounds. Plus, with no insurance I knew this adventure was over. Jim is more optimistic than me. He’s also better at asking too many questions and annoying customer service until they relent and give him what he wants just to get him off the phone. Our apple customer service did his best to help, but in the end he didn’t have the power to resurrect my smashed up iPhone from the dead.

Apple said they could replace the phone for $269 which seemed like a silly move to make since my iPhone 4 is still working fine and I not so secretly love it. They said I might be able to find somebody to replace the glass, but a quick search showed me that would cost about as much as buying a new phone. So, here I am, debating what to do. Spend more money on a phone I don’t really need and to be honest don’t particularly want (it doesn’t seem any better than what I’ve been working with for the past two+ years) or just stick with my iPhone 5c and go shopping at Target with my $50 gift certificate. I haven’t actually lost any money yet. I’ve just sort of traded it for future stuff, right?

Anyway, the iPhone 5c was fun while it lasted. We had a good 42 hours. Too bad it couldn’t survive my lifestyle just a few hours longer.




12 thoughts on “iPhone 5c Survives 42 Hours”

  1. use it as a paperweight. put it in the glass you use to make your jewelry and let it be some piece of static performance art! it’s a story in your life. it has a history. you lost no money and you gained some very cool perspectives. Lillian: 1, Apple: 0.

  2. Replacing the screen may not be a bad idea because although your 4 is still working now, if you’re on a 2 or 3 year contract you’re not going to be eligible for another upgrade till after that is up. So upgrading mid contract could cost you a heck of a lot more.

  3. Oh dear, that is tragic and the epitome of bad luck. Damn.

    Here’s something on the off chance that it might work if you used a credit card to buy it … some of them have insurance. On my card (which admittedly is a points card with an annual fee) if I buy something that breaks within a certain period it is covered by the card. So if you paid with a credit card you could call them to see if there was any insurance on the purchase.

    Or maybe you could go back to Target and get another one for $50 plus receive a $50 gift card, if you show them that it broke so soon.

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