I’m Taking A Tiny Blogcation

I’m taking a tiny blogcation. I’m sure you noticed by the lack of writing and pictures and more writing on this blog over the past couple of weeks. The holidays are hectic. I can’t seem to find the time to squeeze in a little typing over here. I am sure you can relate.

This tiny blogcation of mine will probably continue for a few more days. Tiny-Small wants me to take her to see “…the movie about the princess that is cold.” I am pretty sure she is talking about Disney’s Frozen. My mom got some free movie passes recently and has promised to treat us to the movie. I think we might even be going today! I have to check my calendar before I end up late.

Tiny-Small had a wonderful Christmas. She almost slept through it, of course, because this kid tries to sleep through every fun thing life throws her way. She almost slept through getting her picture taken with Santa Clause too. She got to wear a fancy dress, open way too many gifts, and play with her Auntie Brenna and Uncle Eric. Pretty sure that’s her definition of awesome right there. Christmas night she said she was a little sad Christmas was over. I guess we all probably feel that way about it. At least for a moment or two. It all happens so fast….

Actually, I am also a little happy Christmas is over because I can’t wait to get back to painting. Starting January first I will be completing a painting a day for 30 days. I am so excited! I can barely wait to get started. I am going to be painting dogs like a mad woman so if you have a favorite dog breed, let me know in the comments and I will try to work your favorite breed into the list. I’ll be blogging my way through this experiment and I might needyour support to keep me going. That’s a lot of paintings in a month. I’m not going to be able to procrastinate for a moment. I’m a little scared.

Until then, I’ll be watching frozen princesses, celebrating my wedding anniversary, and cleaning up the Christmas mess. I love putting the Christmas decorations up, but taking them down? That I could do without. I totally get people who leave their lights up 365 days a year.

Anyway, soon this tiny blogcation will be over and I will be writing about art and failed New Years resolutions because failing at resolutions is one of the things I do best! I should make my resolution “not to make any resolutions” but I am pretty sure I can’t help myself so I’d probably fail at that one too. I am trying to keep them simple this year, like: Make my bed every single day. Or, get 15,000 steps in each day. I have been really slacking on my pedometer walking, but I am ready to get back into striding around at a brisk pace. I need to walk off all of the chocolate, cookies, pie, cake, and mashed potatoes I’ve been eating lately. You know it’s getting bad when bending over seems like something only young people should do.

Have you formed any New Year resolutions yet?


P.S. If you are an artist looking for a way to start 2014 with a blast come join the 30 day painting a day challenge beginning January 1st. It’s going to be fun. I promise.


14 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Tiny Blogcation”

    1. Lars would maker a beautiful painting with all of that shiny, velvet fur! He’s a gorgeous dog and I bet he knows it too.

      We didn’t get to see Frozen. It was sold out. I am still hoping to go before it’s out of the theater…maybe on a week day when school starts if that is possible.

        1. There is a good chance the clown actually typed this. I’m telling you, those doll clowns are known for their mind control skills and other horrific things. Have you ever seen the Bride of Chuckie, Marianne?? If I see a picture of you sporting 80’s hair band hair and watching Bonanza go by in my Facebook stream I am really going to start to worry about you.

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