Auditioning For The Grinch

Auditioning For The Grinch And A Merry Christmas To You

Auditioning For The Grinch

Auditioning for The Grinch has been slow going over here. We are still trying to decide who gets to be the adorable little dog. Lucy fits the part the best because she is small, but she is kind of shy so we don’t know how she will do in front of a large audience.

Rumples is too big and he just seems bored with the whole thing. If I could read his thoughts I am sure he would be thinking, “Antlers again? Every year with these antlers…every year.”

Rosie is just too spastic for a leading role. She doesn’t take direction well and don’t get me started on her Prima Donna ways. She insists her dressing room have dog bones carved out of fresh paté and that her costumes be rolled in cow manure first. We just can’t keep up with her demands.

Merry Christmas

We have Tiny-Small cast as little Cindy Lou. That was a no brainer. She’s little, she’s blond, and if we just stop brushing her hair for a few days it will stand straight up on the top of her head. We won’t have to hire a beautician to make her look cute or weird or braided.

I want Jim to play the Grinch so I can be the director, but Jim says I should play the Grinch because the fact that I want to be the director just proves I am bossy and probably more Grinch-like in general. It’s hard to argue with that. I have been practicing my executive leadership skills around here and I can be pretty cranky when I miss a few nights of sleep. Just give me a sink full of dishes and 25 loads of laundry to fold and my heart will be two sizes too small in an instant. It won’t be much of a stretch to get into character. The only solution I can see for this casting dilemma is for me to both direct and play the Grinch. Maybe Jim can be Cindy Lou’s dad. He wouldn’t even have to act that much since he is Cindy Lou’s dad in real life. Not to mention, he has to work and won’t have a lot of time to memorize his lines so this might be the best solution. He can just ad lib all of the way through it: Stop spitting, sit down, stop kicking me, eat your vegetables….

Anyway, we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the dome and a Happy Holidays in general.  We hope you have a lovely couple of days and survive all of the family togetherness (seriously, can anyone drive you to the brink as quickly as your family?). I have to get this post published because as I am typing Tiny-Small is making a plastic goat run up and down my arm, and I have to put the ham in the oven for tonight, and I still have four loads of laundry on my couch that needs to be folded and put away, and I still have baking to do, and I haven’t wrapped everything yet, and….you get the picture!




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