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2013 Holiday Gift Guide On Share The Love Sunday

2013 Holiday Gift Guide from It's A Dome Life

My 2013 holiday gift guide is a bit eclectic. I decided to do one this year because I have bumped into so many cool entrepreneurs on the Internet. All of these small business people are working really hard to sell their wares and I want to support them. Go small business people! It takes a lot of courage to put your work out into the world and a lot faith to keep going with it. I am really proud of the people taking these risks.

In full disclosure, these are all people I know and consider friends. I am promoting them because they are little fish in a big sea and because I adore them. How’s that for a slice of nepotism?


Mobiles by Monika
Free Domestic Shipping until Christmas!

Mobiles by Monika: These mobiles are so graceful and soothing to look at. She creates them using wood and rock. Very organic materials! They have a meditative and grounding feel to them. I love things that hang and twirl. I have several mobiles in my home. Monika describes her work like this:

Life is all about balance, isn’t it?

For example the balance between

Work and rest
Holding on and letting go
Inhaling and exhaling
Giving and receiving

Balance creates harmony and health. This is what I like to express with my mobiles.

Monika teaches yoga and is also a psychologist. She helped me so much when my father died. She is always promoting the benefits of meditation and balance. I am sure any of her mobiles will both inspire and sooth the soul.


2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Carrie Schmitt
Carrie paints with her daughter just like Tiny-Small and I do. She’s a kindred soul.


Carrie Schmitt Art and Design: Her paintings are pure happiness. You can read more about her in the guest post she wrote for this blog in the Examining The Creative Mind series. I personally have one of her prints on my wall. It’s one of the first things I see when I wake up. Just gorgeous!

Humorous Gifts:

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Random Penguins
Seriously, cute and funny? How can you pass them up?

The Random Penguin: These penguins are hilarious. If you have a penguin lover in your family (and really, who doesn’t?) you are going to want to get your hands on this merchandise.


Do you have a snarky person in your life? Check out Quirky Chrissy on Zazzle:

Hypochondriac Shirt
Hypochondriac Shirt by QuirkyChrissy
Find more Hypochondriac T-Shirts at Zazzle


Have a bookworm in your family? Check out Words For Worms on Zazzle too:

I Like Big Books Mug
I Like Big Books Mug by WordsForWorms
Look at more Coffee Mugs at zazzle


Personalized Gifts:

Artist Liisa Lang will turn your child’s name into a work of art. Check out her store for other examples and to see all of the other cool merchandise she sells like decorative boxes, jewelry, and fine art.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Name Art
Get a one of a kind name painting!



2013 Holiday Season Gift Guide: Nicki Henry
Have a delicious holiday season!

My friend Nicki Henry is a Tastefully Simple consultant  (<—click here and visit her homepage). If you love Tastefully Simple products or want to try them, consider going through her as your consultant. She’s a mom with three kids. Her husband is retired military. They are an awesome family and Nicki has the bubbliest personality in the world. I’ve never met anyone like her. We went to high school together. She’s a blast. She has even figured out a way to host parties with you via Skype. If you are having a New Years Eve party this year, or hosting Christmas dinner, make your life easier and get some of these delicious products. My stomach is growling just looking at the picture. There are nice gift items to choose from too. All orders placed by December 16th, 2013 will arrive by Christmas.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my small business buddies. I know they appreciate your business. They work hard all year and I am really happy to share their work with you.

Do you have a favorite 2013 Holiday gift guide or a small business? Leave a link in the comments!

Happy Holidays!


P.S. If you have a young artist in your life and are looking for cool gifts to give them check out my pinterst board: Gifts For The Young Artist.


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  1. Awww Lily, thanks for including my silly Zazzle shop! I’ve been laughing so hard at the Random Penguins since you introduced me to them. I really need to order some of those note cards. The Nativity Scene one cracks me up so hard!

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