Snow Days Make Good Craft Days

Snow Days Make Good Craft Days

Snow Days Make Good Craft Days
Whoooo are you?

Snow days make good craft days, especially when you have a three-year old who wants to do something fun. ANYTHING but what she usually does for fun. Tiny-Small has been trapped in the house with me for three days now due to the weather. She’s starting to get a little stir crazy. So am I! I think we are a little tired of looking at each other.

Snow days make good craft days
The Foxy Sisters

So, I went on Pinterest and found this craft I pinned a while ago. I have been saving toilet paper tubes to make it for weeks. I’ve pinned about 5 different versions of it and have no idea who to credit with having the idea first, so I am just going to say this: If you want to see how to make owls using paper towel tubes go here now TOILET PAPER TUBE OWL CRAFT RESOURCES.

Snow Days Make Good Craft Days: This is what creative play is all about!
What’s your name, Owl? Oh, it’s Abigail? Do you have to go potty too?

I thought we were going to turn our creations into Christmas tree ornaments or maybe give them as gifts, but Tiny-Small had other plans. She’s been playing with them like they are little dolls. They sing, dance, complain to their moms about wanting a snack, and I am pretty sure she took them to use the bathroom more than once. In short, she is having a blast. I guess that is what creative play is all about though, right? We make some owls and then Tiny-Small builds and entire new world around them.

We also made foxes just by painting a triangle face on the front. Tiny-Small kept calling them “The three sisters” even though there were actually four little foxes. I guess one sister is the black sheep of the family or something. Maybe she’s the Evil stepmother or some long, lost cousin. I call them “The foxy Ladies” and  totally can’t get Jimi Hendrix out of my head now.

The paper tube animals I made look so boring compared to the little creatures Tiny-Small made. With their eyes a bit crooked and their beaks a bit off she really managed to give them little personalities. I am pretty sure we will be making these again someday in the near future. We may even finally get around to turning them into Christmas gifts. Wouldn’t they look cool going across a fire-place mantle? I am thinking I may need to start saving some paper towel tubes to make some extra tall owls and foxes, just to give the display a bit more character.

Snow Days Make Good Craft Days: Give a hoot!
My, what big eyes you have, Mr. Owl

That was only enough to keep her busy for a couple of hours though, so what next? What are your favorite bad weather activities? I think we are going to need to make some more plans for this afternoon.

Do snow days make good craft days at your house too?


P.S. If you make some of these bad boyz, I found it was helpful to put a coating of gesso on the tubes first. Otherwise, the tubes absorb a lot of the paint.


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  1. Those are so cute! My daughter is home from school all week and keeps asking to do new crafts, so I might have to tackle this one. Finally something I can do with all the toilet paper tubes she keeps saving! You have snow?! Stay warm!

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