A Pirate In A Pear Tree

A Pirate In A Pear Tree

A Pirate In A Pear Tree

The holiday season is upon us, so the holiday photo-taking has begun. Let me just preface this by saying Tiny-Small dressed like a pirate for our holiday cards this year. Do I need to repeat that? Tiny-Small dressed like a pirate for our holiday cards this year. Yes, that actually happened! What was she supposed to do, really, with the photo taking happening so close to Halloween? To her, Christmas was still a lifetime away. The good thing is, even though her pirate dress has skulls on it, at least it also had some nice, sparkly-shiny-flame retardant red fabric that looked quite festive too.

That’s not all that’s unusual about our holiday cards this year. We also forced the dogs to pose too. It was quite an adventure to get two adults, three dogs, and a small pirate screaming, “Argh!” to look at the camera all at the same time. It was also pretty hilarious and probably the most fun we had as a family, ever, taking holiday photos. Plus, it was free entertainment because digital cameras are awesome. I’m only mentioning this because maybe you and your family are kind of bored and need a little excitement in your life. If you do, don’t wait for the holidays. Just pull on a silly costume, grab some props, borrow your neighbor’s dogs and take some family photos. I guarantee you will be laughing so hard by the end of your photos session that you won’t be able to breathe. Just make sure you have a camera with a timer on it or one of those remote control clicky things because then you can be in the picture too. Which is mandatory.

A Pirate In A Pear Tree: Sign up to get a 2013 holiday card from It's A Dome Life.
Tiny-Small is not wearing her pirate costume, but she is wearing her princess cat costume! Could I make this photo any bigger? Seriously. I think I’ve lost my marbles. Although that is totally how BIG Tiny-Small’s personality is.

This year I planned to force my family into photo-taking mode right after Jim and I had been to the hair salon and gotten our hair cut and styled to perfection. It seemed like a good plan because then we would look better than usual for our holiday photographs. I mean, nobody wants to see me in my Rudolph pajamas rocking some serious bed head which is often my go-to look these days. If you don’t believe me, just ask the UPS guy. He’s seen me in all of my pajama finest and, yes, he is paid to knock on my door and not bat an eyelash, but I still think he probably wonders what kind of ridiculous clothing I’ll be wearing next when ever he pulls into my driveway. Unfortunately, the whole hair styling thing didn’t exactly go as planned. First of all, it was a windy day. I mean, WINDY, like my hair was blowing straight up in the air or across my face most of the time. I briefly considered posing as Cousin It from The Adam’s Family. We battled the wind and managed to get some shots without hair in my face. Tiny-Small was lucky enough to be wearing a pirate hat. Later, when we were looking at all of the photos we realized Jim had been wearing his hat the entire time which meant his carefully styled hair will not be featured in this years Christmas card extravaganza! Too bad too because he looked spectacular with combed hair.

A Pirate In A Pear Tree: Tiny-Small says "Sign up for a holiday card!"
Argh! Tiny-Small is kind of excited about you signing up for a holiday card this year.

Anyway, why am I telling you all of this? I thought you might like to receive a Christmas card from It’s A Dome Life. We’ll send one out to anyone brave enough to give us their home address. We want everyone to have a pirate in a pear tree this year. ARGH!

If you would like a card please add your name and address to my Address Book. <–Click it.

P.S. In addition to a holiday card I may send a Happy New Year Art card out too. That’s two cards for the price of none! Who can turn down an offer like that? If you can totally turn that down don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you. Not everyone wants a pirate in a pear tree for the holidays. I get it. Not everyone wants a card-sized piece of art. Wait. What? Of course you want a card-sized piece of art. Everyone needs art! Or music. Or art and music. Don’t force me to make a really bad rock video because I will do it. You will be sorry. Anyway, sign up for a card or don’t. I don’t care, really. No, I totally care. Sign up or I’ll cry. That’s probably closer to the truth.


P.P.S. I got my business cards in the mail today and they are so cool. It’s like I am a real, fake, quasi-professional mother-artist. I feel like I am almost famous again. Just like the last time I was almost famous! Almost famous is better than real famous because nobody recognizes you at the grocery store. So, if you are a blogger and a mom or a person on a mission get yourself some business cards so when people ask, “What do you do?” you can whip out those cards and be all *BAM* I’m Batman posing as Super Mom/artist/laundry professional extraordinaire. Do it. Like a boss. With absolutely no apologies. It feels really good.

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