Minted Holiday Cards Make Me Swoon

Minted Holiday Cards Make Me Swoon (A Review)

Minted Holiday Cards Make Me Swoon
Tiny-Small makes this card even prettier. You can choose the color and the frame!

I’ve been swooning over these Minted Holiday Cards because they are beautiful! Just like every parent, I get excited whenever I get a chance to load Tiny-Small’s photograph into a fancy card design. I mean, I know the Grandparents are going to be impressed when they get one of these in the mail. Isn’t that one of our holiday season goals? To make the relatives a little jealous of our awesome lives? No? Never mind then. It’s all about making people smile, right? I am pretty sure these cards will do the trick!

Minted Holiday Cards
Check out these scalloped edges! You can customize the names and words by filling in the boxes. So easy!

If you’ve never been to you should go check it out. The website is really easy to use. They allow you to upload your photo and see it on every single card design all at once. You can also upload several photos and put them all on one card. That would be awesome if you had more than one kid or more than one cat. I was thinking about uploading a Christmas photo of Tiny-Small from the past three years and putting them all on one card. Then her grandparents could see her growing up right before their eyes. Kind of a cool idea, right? Or what about a holiday greeting from our pets? It would be the only time our cats, dogs, chickens, and fish could be in the same place at the same time! Plus, that would be kind of hilarious and awesome. I can see the goldfish wearing Santa hats right now….

Minted Holiday Cards
See your photograph on all of the Minted Holiday Cards at once. There are 20 pages of card choices…this is just a small sample.

Minted has some really cool design options too. You can have your card say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or Happy New Year with the click of a button. They also have foil cards, luxurious paper options, and scalloped edges to choose from. This is nice if you want to really customize your holiday photo cards and make your sister-in-law so jealous cards stand out.

Minted Holiday Cards
I am really digging this Happy New Year art card. How cool that they have designers to look over your formatting and to send you a proof to approve before you even purchase it?

As a parent I was completely gaga over the design choices, but as an artist and business person my mind went running with possibilities. How cool would it be to send out Happy New Year cards to my art patrons with a new painting on it? How about a postcard reminding them where and when I will be selling my art through out the year? Did I mention you can even turn your photographs into minibook cards? Wouldn’t that make a terrific gift for a family member, a picture inspired family newsletter…or a holiday art catalog for your clients? Seriously, the possibilities are keeping me awake at night. I am planning some kind of holiday, photographic launch of epic proportions. I’m inspired!

I may have to make an It’s A Dome Life Christmas ornament.

Minted Christmas Ornaments
Don’t you want one for your tree?

Or maybe some wrapping paper with Tiny-Small on it! Wouldn’t she be surprised? This paper is cool because you can add multiple pictures of your family and make it really special. Or just really funny…picture Santa hat wearing goldfish here.

Minted Wrapping Paper
How cute is this?

They have a bunch of other products you can put your holiday photos or any photos on for that matter. They even do wedding invitations. I encourage you to read about the kind of paper they use. It sounds like the epitome of fancy. One of my favorite things about this company is they have design challenges open to people like you and me and they allow their customers to vote for and pick the  winner. If you are an artist or into design you might want to check that out too: Minted Design Challenge. The other good thing about this company is their customer service. At the top of their site you will find the phone number and a live chat button. So, if you need help, you can get it right away. How many times have you had to search all over a website just to find some contact information? Countless times, right? I like that Minted has that information right where you need it and expect it to be…on the front page at the very top!

For a family on a budget Minted Holiday Cards might seem a bit expensive. Those quality papers and scalloped edges can really add up. So be sure to check out the weekly coupon codes they have at the top of their site. Right now (until next Monday) they are offering $25 off plus free shipping on all Minted Holiday Cards. It might be a good time to buy some! They also let you choose the quantity so if you only want to buy the very best for a few special people like your mom, grandparents, and all of the people you want to make insanely jealous, you can do that! They even let you buy them before you upload your photos and design your card so you can lock in the coupon code price. I haven’t seen that before. Pretty cool, right?

I am off to get designing! Let me know what you think. Have you bought cards from Minted before? What was your experience like?


Disclaimer: Merchandise credit was provided to this blogger in exchange for reviewing Minted’s website design and holiday card selection. I found the website easy to use and the holiday card selection to be fantastic, but if I didn’t I would tell you. My review policy is to be honest at all times. I have not seen the cards in person, but hope to soon!


8 thoughts on “Minted Holiday Cards Make Me Swoon (A Review)”

  1. Interesting. I’m glad you posted this. People keep telling me I should get The Random Penguins cards onto Minted — but I’ve clicked over to it a couple of times and not really understood how it works, so I sort of dismissed the idea. I’ll look again.

    1. I am really looking forward to seeing the cards in person. When it comes to paper I like to touch it. I have paper obsession issues, obviously, but I have a feeling these cards are going to be well made. I hope you get your penguin cards made. I would definitely want to get my hands on a few of those!

    1. Ha! I have been having avatar issues on the blog lately. Not sure what is going on. I keep trying to switch back to this snowflake design, but all I get is monsters…monster who need to go to the gym, apparently.

    1. I think they are kind of pricey too. I never know though because we live where the cost of living is pretty cheap and then I am pretty cheap so maybe this isn’t pricey for a lot of people. I never know if it’s just me!

    1. It probably just shows how small my world is. I drool and swoon over paper while the rest of the world drools over diamonds and fancy vacations. I think sparkly flip flops would be fabulous. I may need to buy some glitter….

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