Fiji Kava Ceremony

Fiji Kava Ceremony – Jim’s Corner

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Fiji Kava Ceremony
Fiji Rainbow Reef

Some of the best things about traveling, besides the food, are the cultural aspects. If you stay long enough somewhere in Fiji like I did (a month I think), you’ll probably get invited by the locals to a Kava Ceremony.

In the U.S. the Kava-Kava is considered an herb that calms you during the day (Valerian is better if you want to sleep). In Fiji, Kava is sort of like an alcohol substitute to be drunk in a coconut cup with 20+ people in a long-house. It goes something like this: If you stay in a guest house or hostel in the same town (or a beach campground like I did) and aren’t too annoying a chief or other important person will invite you to attend. I went to several.

A lot of foreigners are a bit apprehensive of Kava ceremonies because Kava looks like dirty dish water and is drunk out of a communal cup. Someone will usually ask you if you are sick and then it’s courtesy to abstain. The cup is passed around by request for around a dime each time; you call out someone’s name or (or point), pay equivalent of a dime in Fiji money (I can’t remember what it is called), and then the person of your choice drinks up. It gets pretty loud in the long-house because Kava is a mild stimulant that makes people very social.

The best thing is there is no side effects (like hangovers) and you usually get used to the tangy taste.

Fiji: It’s an awesome place to visit!

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  1. Interesting! I have never heard of this before. Some day I would like to do more travelling. Once I stayed in Milan for work for 3 weeks and I still think and talk about the experience all the time : )
    Beautiful painting / perfect image for the post!

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