2013 Holiday Painting: Peace Dove

2013 Holiday Painting

I decided to create a 2013 Holiday Painting. I am hoping to turn this into a yearly tradition. I haven’t painted anything with a Christmas theme in a really long time. Maybe even since grade school. I was really excited when I came up with the idea. I’ve been trying to create more traditions in my life. I need that structure. I think, too, that I needed something I could do for and by myself. Most of my other Holiday traditions revolve around other people. I bake cookies to give away. I buy and wrap presents to give away. I take photographs to give away…I clean my house so other people can get the bathroom dirty. You know what I am talking about! When you are hosting Thanksgiving it’s basically cooking a feast all day long so people can eat in fifteen minutes and roll around in gorged-out agony while you spend the rest of the evening cleaning up. Who came up with these traditions, anyway? This painting tradition is all about having fun!

2013 Holiday Painting: Peace Dove
Alcohol Ink on Yupo 9×12

The thing is, the holidays can be kind of a downer for people in my family. Too many lost loved ones and memories of happier times seem to bubble up right around the time the Christmas lights start showing up in stores and the supermarkets start handing out free turkeys. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the sparkle, the magic, the crazy holiday shopping adventures. I really like finding that perfect gift for someone. So, I think in some ways, I have a hard time being my happy self every year because I feel like I should be sad and down in the dumps. Or like my happiness makes the mourning process for others worse. Or like it’s not polite to just absolutely love Christmas. This year I am letting go of all of that guilt! I can’t be sad anymore. Yes, I still miss the people who are no longer with us, but look at all of the people who are still with us! They deserve some devotion and recognition too, right? They deserve a little merriment. They deserve some big “I am so happy to see you” smiling and lots of joy and love and a reason or excuse to be happy. Plus, when I think about my own death I know that I wouldn’t want my friends and family to be sad at Christmas for the rest of their lives because I died. That thought makes me sad, so I can only assume my loved ones that have moved on, into the spirit realm, probably feel the same way about me. They probably want to see me happy and spreading good tidings and lots of cheer all around the world like a broken package of glitter on the living room rug. These are my holiday aspirations this year. I want to be that glitter you just can’t completely vacuum up.

This year I am going to let my holiday cheer shine brightly. Seriously, I am like the Christmas Care Bear that somehow never made it into the movies. I am going to shine some holiday rainbows out of my chest like a psychedelic Christmas extravaganza appropriate to someone who lives in a Dome. I really want Tiny-Small to have fun, and be excited, and eat way too many cookies while watching way too many Charlie Brown Christmas reruns. She’s a little kid. She deserves happy memories and guilt-free holiday celebrations. So do I, plus I really can’t stop being me. I’ve always loved Christmas. I have to let the Christmas out. Otherwise it just stays bottled up inside and I get indigestion and complain a lot about how I decorate the whole house and nobody seems to appreciate it. Nobody wants that, right? I certainly don’t.

So, anyway, I love my family. I want to celebrate and have traditions that lift our spirits up. Since I can really only control me, that’s where I am starting! Nothing brings me more joy than painting, except maybe Christmas, so here we are where to types of magic intersect into a super happy moment: Christmas Paintings! Yay!

The first 5 people to write “I want a Peace Dove card” in the comments below will get a card in the mail from me before Christmas, with a personal message written inside and a painting from Tiny-Small. She’s the most talented artist in this house, but she better watch out because I am determined to teach our dog Rosie to paint one of these days. Dog art will make us famous! I can’t wait to retire although I have a stinking suspicion my life wouldn’t change all that much. Good thing I love my life!





19 thoughts on “2013 Holiday Painting”

  1. I love your Christmas painting, and I love that you are totally embracing the joy of Christmas! I want a peace dove card. This year, more than the past few, I am really feeling the Christmas spirit. I think it is because I’m not traveling for Thanksgiving, so I am totally focused on Christmas.

    1. I’ve noticed traveling during the holidays makes me feel less excited about all of it too. I am glad you get to be home this year and have time to enjoy it all! I’ll be sending you a card soon. 🙂

  2. I want a Peace Dove card. And yes, I realize that I am too late, but it is absolutely beautiful, and I really want one. I *REALLY* want a Peace Dove card!

  3. You are so right to enjoy a guilt-free Christmas Holiday! Being happy, and living in the now is the best way you can honor those who are no longer with us…and we all know happiness has a way of rubbing off on others 🙂
    Beautiful peace dove & tree! Oh, and the deep dark blue sky….even the darkest alcohol ink colors are brilliant…so deep and rich. That is the one medium that has no digital equivalent, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re working on making one right now.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if all art forms are digital at some point! I think the best and possibly worst thing about digital art is you can fix mistakes so easily. I would never be done with anything if that were the case! It is amazing to see what people are capable of creating and all of the technology that is available to us now. What a great time to be alive!

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