This painting would look great on your wall! Enter the giveaway.

This Painting Would Look Terrific On Your Wall (A Giveaway)

This painting would look great on your wall! Enter the giveaway.
Enter the sweepstakes and you could win this painting!

I am giving this painting to one lucky winner. Will it be you? It just might be! Back in January my blogging goals for 2013 were reduced to one sentence: Spread more joy. I wanted to make as many people smile as possible by doing nice things or by being funny. Mostly, I just wanted to be like blogging sunshine. Anyway, I’ve only got a little over two months left before this year ends and I really want to go out with a bang. I am imagining a fourth of July firecracker finale. Rainbows, laughter, and booming joy is what I am aiming for. Maybe I’ll even have a twitter party where people can only say funny, witty, smart, nice things about other people. We’ll see. I’m still in the finale planning stage and I love to procrastinate. Plus, I am terrible at throwing parties so I may need to drag some other joy makers into the mix with me. Last February one of the first things I did to spread some joy was paint a pet portrait for the person that commented on my blog the most in 2012. I painted Trixie, one of the most adorable dogs in the whole wide world, for my blogging buddy A Faded Ginger. You can see that post here if you are interested: Sometimes You Have To Break The Rules. Later in the year A Faded Ginger sent Tiny-Small some mermaid dolls. She made that kids day!  See how putting good out into the world just brings good back in? I am learning slowly how to be a better human being because of this blog. I am also having my life touched by amazing people. I am totally hoping to do another painting for the blog reader that commented the most in 2013 in January! Maybe that person is you! Kind of exciting isn’t it? So far, I have to admit, this year has been pretty amazing. I sent secret art mail out to unsuspecting readers, friends, and family. I made art with Tiny-Small. I read and commented on lots and lots of blogs. I even started some new blogging awards for people to give out just because it’s nice to say “I appreciate what you are doing” once in a while. With two months to go I am making plans to share more free downloadable art for my newsletter subscribers (and sending them some original pieces too). I have to say I am pretty excited! I think I have done really well spreading joy this year, but I still have more I want to do in the last few months. So, to put some joy on your wall, I am giving this painting away to one of you. This painting is an original. It was created with alcohol inks on yupo paper. It is signed by me! The size is 11×14. It does not come framed or matted, but it is full of happy, energetic yellow so what more could you ask for? One of the inks I used is actually called “Sunshine” and I don’t think any other name could be more fitting. This sweepstakes starts right now, Monday, October 28th 2013 at 9:00am MST. It ends at 9:00 am MST on Monday, November 11th, 2013. That gives you two whole weeks to enter the sweepstakes! Please share it with your friends. I am hoping to grow the readership of this blog. I believe joy is contagious and I know that each time we make someone laugh, smile, or feel appreciated that those feeling sort of ripple out the way pond water does when we toss rocks into it. Can you see how the ripples can multiply and connect people if we all just started throwing more rocks? Wait, maybe that isn’t quite the best way to explain this phenomenon, but you get the gist right? The rocks are smiles people…smiles! Do not throw real rocks! Make art and share it. Art is universal. Art is human, well, I guess it’s also for elephants and a few penguins now too, but you know what I am saying? Be kind, share the sweepstakes so your friend has a chance to win your favorite painting and hang it on her wall where she can mock you for losing the sweepstakes for eternity. That’s what friends are for, right? 🙂 Maybe that’s just MY friends I am talking about. They know how to give a good ribbing. This sweepstakes is only open to people 18 and over living in the United States (Sorry to all of my favorite people living in other countries, but I just can’t figure out all of the laws and rules for these types of things. I wish I was a lawyer so I could find a way to include you). In order to enter the sweepstakes you must use the Giveaway tool below: Commenting on this post is mandatory. All other entries in the Giveaway tool are optional. The winner will be  randomly chosen by Giveaway tools and notified no later than 5 days after the sweepstakes closes. When signing into the Giveaway tool please use an email address that you check frequently because that is how I will contact you when you win this painting! Please read the official rules for sweepstakes and giveaways especially if you have any questions. To enter the sweepstakes you must first leave a comment in the comment section of this blog and then fill out the giveaway tool in the box below:

Thank you for entering! I hope you win! Also, try to do a surprise nice thing for someone today and notice how it makes you feel. Be happy! Spread joy!

73 thoughts on “This Painting Would Look Terrific On Your Wall (A Giveaway)”

  1. You know how much I love your art, ESPECIALLY your garden stuff. I would simply adore having this on my wall in my office at work. It would look more professional than the Monet poster prints currently on display… 🙂 You’re the best!

    1. Of course, my FAVORITE piece of art was done by my FAVORITE artist. It’s a painting of my home and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s such a beautiful whimsical representation of my house and flowers that I can’t help but grin at it!

  2. I love your art and the idea of a giveaway. My I hung both my and my husband’s versions of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the wall in our living room. It reminds me of our similarities and differences and also of the fun we had the night we went out and painted them together. The original is one of my favorite works of art. The colors and the details are peaceful, dark, yet light at the same time. It captures the beauty of the sky at night.

  3. Hi, I’m a Canadian and can not win the beautiful painting, (what is it about the color yellow that pierces the heart!) Just wanted to tell you, I love your creatively shared Joy! Lovely!

  4. I bought a painting from an art gallery by a local artist and she doesn’t show their faces (well since we bought it she has started to show more and more of the face). I feel proud we valued enough art to purchase it and the colors make me feel joy and mystery.

  5. I already have two of your paintings which are my favorite pieces of art hanging. You’ve captured the souls of the two kitties so well that even after their bodies have passed, I will be able to look at those reflective eyes and remember them in entirety. If I end up winning this sweepstakes, the painting will be a gift for someone in particular.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    Of course I followed your link to the pet painting you did and now I’m obsessed. Our beloved dog passed away over the summer and now I want to badly to have you do a painting of him. Hmm… but now that we have a new rescue dog, maybe that would be in bad form? Either way, it looks like I need to save up some ‘art’ money!

    Thank you for sharing joy! =)

    1. I am sorry to hear about your dog passing. It’s not in bad form at all to have a portrait made even though you have a new dog. You just might need two portraits eventually! Dogs are the best. Especially the rescued ones. They make the best pets in my experience.

  7. My favorite work of art (hands-down) is Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth. I have studied it endlessly for YEARS. It comforts me, brings me peace, causes me to think of a million scenarios it *could be* illustrating, etc. My son is named Wyeth in his honor, btw. No joke.

    1. That is one of my favorite paintings too! My art teacher had it on the wall and I would always wonder about the story behind it or make up my own. I love that you named your son Wyeth. So cool!

  8. I think I was already following you on all of these but if not happy to add the rest. My favorite art piece in my house is a jacket that I made out of photographs. It took me forever to make and I am extremely happy how it turned out. It gives me an immense sense of pride every time I see it. People who come over try to talk me out of it often!

  9. Love your positive energy. Enjoy hearing the adventures of Tiny-Small. Would love to own one of your paintings – they express your love of life beautifully.

  10. Ok.. so I do not currently have a favorite peice of art hanging in my house 🙁 In fact as the moment we have no art hanging as id like to paint most of the rooms a different color first. But I love yellow so this would work 🙂

  11. You know I love the artwork, and when you need inspiration I have photos ready for you 🙂 A few anyway 🙂

  12. Lillian, even though I haven’t commented much on your blog I follow it and just love your stories. I know where all the tallent in the family went to. Hehe

    My favorite painting is actually one that my husband and I picked up at a yard sale many years ago. We have it hanging in our living room. It’s a painting of a sunset on the beach, looking through the sand dunes to the water. To me, it’s beautiful and peaceful! I have always loved nature paintings and pictures.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. You are so sweet, April! Thank you. A lot of people read my blog, but don’t comment. You are in the majority. I have several paintings I have found in yard sales that I love. One in particular comes to mind. It is actually made with pieces of stone and depicts a little church. It’s pretty cool. I love nature paintings too. Thanks for commenting!

  13. My favorite piece of art on my wall is a Celtic influenced image of a heart. It was bought at an art fair in Chicago. It was bought on one of the most romantic getaways my boyfriend and I shared. The piece is not only a beautiful design to look at but I love the memories it evokes.

  14. Books and art. The keep me sane. They give me respite from tragedy and lift me up. That’s why I give away both.

  15. I like Monet’s “Woman with a Parasol.” It feels peaceful, and yet at the same time makes me wonder about the woman and what her life was like.

  16. My mother is a painter and a few years ago she had me come to her gallery and pick out a bunch for an are wall. I have them over my couch and over all of them. They remind me of all the things that are important to me : )

  17. My favorite item is from a resident at a living center I worked at. While you usually can’t have large gifts from a resident, I had a long relationship with the woman who was an artist. It is a large landscape work she did. Her daughter gave it to me on her passing and I have it up — since it is both a beautiful piece of work and it reminds me of her.

  18. You are right, that painting would look absolutely beautiful on my wall…or anyone’s wall 🙂 I love your alcohol inks, and I’m happy for a chance at it. I found out about the give-away just in time.
    While I really like my Van Gogh Church at Auvers reproduction, I have to say my favorite is a Japanese watercolor of a white peacock with orange-pink flowers that I picked up at a second-hand store. It’s just so pretty and exotic. I like to think about who the artist was, and imagine them sitting and painting it in a Japanese garden somewhere in Japan maybe…it may well have been painted in Washington DC where I found it, but it’s fun to imagine the history of it

  19. My favorite is a Dolan Geiman Owl painting in my living room that makes me happy to see it, feels like home.

  20. My favorite piece of art in our home is one that I have seen often in different places. I think my mom got it from Home Interiors years ago. It’s a picture with burgundy border and a girl holding a lamb with the lamb’s mom looking up at her.

  21. My Nan painted me one of bleeding heart flowers which are really special to me. I love that painting, it reminds me of such great memories

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