How To Make A Magnetic Bumper Sticker For Your Car

Have you ever wanted to make a magnetic bumper sticker for your car? I did. I figured out how to do it too. Yay me! I am officially declaring myself a magnetic bumper sticker genius because why not? This is my blog, right?

Anyway, I was thinking about how Jim and I are getting ready to drive for miles and through a few states and that it would be really cool to get some “not my home state,” free advertising in for this blog. I mean, more people should be reading about Tiny-Small and my wacky paintings and all of that jazz. Then it hit me: I NEED A BUMPER STICKER! So, I went looking around to have one made, but since I am really cheap and like to try do everything myself I spent some time drinking coffee, think-think-thinking, and staring out of my window (my other non-paying part-time job).

Sometimes all of that thinking pays off. I remembered I had some of those Avery Magnet Sheets left over from when I was turning my art into magnets. Then I remembered a little thing called where you can mess around with photos and text and other images…I figured out how to make a magnetic bumper sticker so I could be all famous with at least two to three people in the New Mexico, Arizona, California tri-state area who get stuck behind my car in traffic.

make a magnetic bumper sticker for your car

Here is how I did it and how you can too:

Step One: You need some supplies: a computer, a printer, some of those magnetic sheets with paper on one side, and some kind of acrylic spray sealer.

Step Two: Go to and load the picture you want to use into “edit a photo” this will be the background of your bumper sticker. I wanted mine to be white, so I copied and pasted a white background and saved it as a photo file. Then uploaded it to

Step three: Resize your photo, or crop it. For a standard sized bumper sticker (11.5 inches by 3.75 inches you will need to resize or crop your photo to 881 x 281 pixels. If you want a different size bumper sticker (some cars have different sized flat spaces) you can use this Image Size Calculator from Tiporama to convert pixels into inches.

Using Picmonkey
You can add words and flowers and butterflies and anything else that looks cool.

Step 4: Use the text button to add words. Picmonkey has pictures and textures and all kinds of fun things you can add to your image. Once you are done with the design, save it to your computer.

Step 5: Print it onto your magnetic paper sheets.

Step 6: Cut it out. I used a paper-cutter, but it’s easy to cut with scissors too.

Step 7: Spray it with some kind of acrylic coating to waterproof it. I used KRYLON CRYSTAL CLEAR because I happened to have some. It’s kind of pricey though. I think Plaid Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer, Gloss would also do the job just fine. Anything that brushes on may or may not smear your ink. So, if you have the brush-on mod podge you might try it on a scrap and see how it works before applying it to your fancy bumper sticker. Sprays are less likely to smear the printer ink, but more likely to kill you with their bad odor so take precautions. Use it in a well ventilated area. Wear a mask, wear gloves, con your spouse into doing it…whatever it takes to get the job done safely!

Step 8: Slap that bad boy onto your car and go for a drive.

I took my bumper sticker on a 180 mile road trip yesterday and it did just fine. We are getting ready to make an 18 hour road trip, so I’ll let you know what happens! The best part is you can print at least two bumper sticker per magnetic sheet, so you can also make one for your mom. That way she can also advertise your business for free. That’s what I am going to do. She can’t say no, she’s my mom. Or, you can just make silly bumper stickers to make your friends smile. Which would also be awesome and fun.

Got any questions? Just ask. If I missed a step in there let me know. I am happy to help in any way I can!

20 thoughts on “How To Make A Magnetic Bumper Sticker For Your Car”

    1. I think that’d be a fun idea if you make magnets for a whole baseball team. My oldest son used to play baseball, and I’m sure that he’d love to have a making bumper magnet with his friends. I’ll have to see if I could even get a mother/daughter one. What do you think I should do?

  1. This is really straight forward and brilliant, but how did you get them to print? I created my bumper sticker in picmonkey and save it to my computer. When I click on the image it goes into my Corel Photo Album 7. When I try to print from there I get the following error message. “Could not start print job not valid in current program”. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    1. I’m not sure what’s happening with your image, Chris. Have you tried saving it to desktop so it doesn’t go into your Corel Photo album? Maybe there is something not working with that program? I am not familiar with it, but you might try saving or opening the image in a different photo or image program if you have one.

      1. Yes, but it keeps going into Corel Photo Album 7. I can’t open an image without it going into the software. After I posted my question to you I found instructions on the Internet to make bumper stickers on Microsoft word. That works much better than fighting with images other way. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate it.

    2. It sounds like your Corel program is the default one used to open pictures. Right click the picture, and scroll down to the “Open With” option, then select whichever program you want it to open in, see if that works.

  2. How do you print it out at the correct size? When I save to computer and print the picture it gives me layouts like full page and 5×7 and so forth. Also for that big piece of paper how can I print liike 2or 3 on ome page at the right size?

    1. I created the size using a photo program (like pic monkey) and you can copy and paste the image to have it more than once on a page. I am not sure about your printing settings, but usually you can uncheck (or check) a box so sizes/formatting isn’t changed. Sometimes it helps to google your question with your printer model (or the photo software you are using) and see if you can find an answer.

  3. How does it hold up in rain and elements? Do you know anything about laser engraving? Could you laser cut the magnet sheets? Or what blade would you use on a paper cutter? Thanks!

  4. Can u please help me make magnet bumper stickers? HELP! Lol. I need to know what type of computer i need or any kind and software i need and what materials are best thanks!!

    1. It shouldn’t matter what type of computer you have, as long as it connects to your printer. OP gave a list of software and materials she used in her blog post, which consisted pretty much of magnet sheets, a printer,, and an acrylic fixative spray.

  5. Lillian, when you sprayed the magnet with the Krystal Clear. What did you put under it? I trade parchment paper, and the sealant leaked to the bottom surface of the magnet making it very sticky and caused the magnet to curl up.

  6. I’m thinking Mod Podge or Jewel-it would work better than the Rust-Oleum clear coat i purchased. It made the magnet curl up! Thank you for this idea, Lillian. It has kept me busy.

  7. This is such a great idea, I had to try it! I gathered all of my supplies, created my treasure, printed it out, sprayed it, waited the appropriate drying time. It was “perfect” and time to place on my car. I jubilantly went to my clean car and strategically placed the prized piece of art. It didn’t stick. Checked the magnet, it barely works on a refrigerator!! What the heck??
    I used the link provided to purchase the appropriate Avery magnetic sheets. What happened? Any other suggestions?? A store bought magnetic bumper sticker works fine – but I would love to put my treasured art on my car!

    Any ideas, suggestions would be very much appreciated!!

  8. So how are your magnets still holding up? I’m just wondering how long they would actually last.

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