Sitting is making me fat so I bought a pedometer

Sitting Is Making Me Fat

Sitting is making me fat so I bought a pedometer
Sitting is making me fat, but I found a solution to my problem and it is not “eat less cake.”

I’ve been sitting too much all year long. I am convinced sitting is making me fat. I blame blogging, sleep deprivation induced sitting coma (SDISC), and watercolor painting. Although I stand up a lot when I paint so maybe I should blame cake consumption instead. All of these activities demand I take a seat. Especially eating cake because who eats cake standing up, right?

So, since sitting is making me fat, judging by my slowly increasing weight gain, I bought myself a pedometer to track my movement. I have had it for three days. I can safely say I am walking about a third of the recommended amount of walking for a person with two perfectly good legs. The good thing is those numbers are very motivating. I’ve started doing bursts of walking. I even do circles in the bathroom before bed because that is how committed I am to beating my own score. I know walking is not a video game or a competitive sport, but that doesn’t mean I can’t turn it into one.

sitting is making me fat

My desire to win (at something, anything really) is fueling my desire to move more. This is what I do: Write a few lines for a blog post, take a brisk walk through my living room. Cut up some vegetables for dinner, walk around the outside of the house three times fast. Sure, everything takes longer, but it takes longer anyway. I mean, this is just one more interruption and if it means I can fit into my spandex pants again (you know they will make a come back eventually) it will totally be worth it.

Not to mention, I get to look cool with my additional electronic device attached to my body, especially when I wear my pink, Stay-At-Home-Mom, sweat pant, pajamas pants. I’m almost as hot as Lara Croft. I said almost. I’m not totally delusional. I just want to be Ninja warrior fit. I’m walking my way to a new level of geekdom. The kind with abs of steel and shiny white teeth and digitally imagined push-ups.*

It’s OK to be a little jealous of my cool kid “tool belt.” I know you want one too. This is the one I bought. Warning! That image below is an affiliate link to my Amazon affiliation link thingy. Yep, if that doesn’t scream professional I don’t know what does. I am sure Amazon will be calling any moment to beg me to help them sell all of their products. Seriously though, if you buy that pedometer through my link Amazon will give me their two cents or maybe even a few dollars. The math is fuzzy to me. You can also buy one where ever they sell pedometers and still be awesome. So, there is that. Or, don’t buy one at all because you can already fit into your spandex pants. I mean, sitting is making me fat, but you might be perfectly fit for all I know! Why mess with perfection?

This pedometer has been easy to use and it has a strap so you won’t drop it in the toilet which is exactly what happened to all of my previous pedometer purchases. Also, it’s really accurate. I’ve never had one that was this accurate before. Probably because I bought the $5 model in the discount bin of some low-end departmenty-type store that will not be named, but starts with a giant W.

Anyway, if you get a pedometer or have one already, let me know. Maybe we can walk with each other virtually. At the very least we can walk our way back to wearing our skinny jeans again. I don’t mean those jeans designed for teenage boys. I mean that stash of clothes we hide in the back of the closet. The clothes we used to be able to fit into once upon a time.


*Objects in mirror may appear more steely and more shiny white than they are in real life. Results may be exaggerated due to the writer living in a world of fantasy. Results are not typical of the average pedometer user.

11 thoughts on “Sitting Is Making Me Fat”

      1. I’ve just been taking a quick walk around the block or simply picking a place that’s a block away for lunch vs. in the food court of my building. Can add a few hundred steps.

        Another good trick was using a smaller water glass. Forced me to get up and go across the office to the kitchen a few more times a day vs using a big travel bottle that holds like 1L. It’s not about drastic 2 hour long walks, little stuff adds up really quickly!

        Keep us updated!

    1. Oh my gosh – we are the SAME crazy-ass person!! And I am hyper-competitive, so let’s post our totals at end of day! One of the things I love most about our pedometer is it re-sets at midnight (so I’m always racing around like a loon at 11:55 pm trying to get to the next mile or thousandth step). Weeee! For once, my OCD is HELPFUL!

  1. Eat less cake … now why on earth would you want to do that?? LOL
    I don’t have a pedometer but I am very active with going to the gym everyday. But blogging is not good for our waistlines I will admit to that.
    If only we could blog while running or doing Zumba that would be epic!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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