My pet dragon.

My Pet Dragon

My pet dragon giggles instead of roars and only want to eat candy. No fire-breathing either, which is excellent because I can singe my eyebrows on my own just by cooking on our gas stove.

My pet dragon.
It has a tail, Mom! It has a tail!

So far this year, Tiny-Small has wanted to be a Super Hero, a Princess, and a dragon for Halloween. Last year I sewed her a Dorothy dress and at the last-minute she changed her mind and wanted to be a Princess Queen Ballerina.

My pet dragon crouching.
Crouching dragon, hidden Tiny-Small.

I almost ran out to the store immediately to buy fabric for a Super Hero cape so I could get it made in time, but I am learning. Tiny-Small may not be the kind of kid I can sew elaborate costumes for. She might be the kind of kid that decides what she wants to be 20 minutes before it’s time to Trick or Treat and then we throw something together with random closet items.

My pet dragon standing up.
The girl with a dragon tattoo costume.

The other option is to go to the thrift store the day after Halloween and buy all of the cheap costumes and store them away for future use. That’s what I did with this dragon costume last year. I am pretty sure Tiny-Small is going to wear it everyday until she can’t fit into it anymore.

My pet dragon running.
My pet dragon guards the perimeter from bad guys and picks flowers while singing loudly.

I don’t really mind. I mean, I’ve always wanted a pet dragon. I just never expected it to be this cute! I am secretly hoping my pet dragon likes to eat weeds because I really need my grass trimmed, obviously!



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