Please…Just Get In Your Car Seat!

Whenever it is time to go anywhere you will hear me begging Tiny-Small, “Please…just get in your car seat!” It takes at least 20 minutes for us to leave the house. Mostly because Tiny-Small has a routine she goes through before we can leave. The routine can not be altered in any way, trust me I have tried, because when you try to change the order of things Tiny-Small just starts over at the very beginning.

Tiny-Small and her car routine
Tiny-Small and her car routine.

She runs to the driveway and twirls at least three times. Then she pets the cat. Then she runs around the car a few times. Then she climbs into the driver’s seat. Eventually she climbs through to the backseat where she plops down in the seat that does not have her car seat, of course. She looks out the window for a few minutes. She pretends she can’t hear me saying, “Get in your car seat!” She laughs. To her this is great fun. It’s better than Disney World.

At some point I lose all patience and threaten her with staying home. Finally, she gets in her car seat. Finally! Unless we’re going some place she really doesn’t want to go…like the grocery store. Then all bets are off. Then I have to catch her and she is fast and can fit into spaces I didn’t even know existed. Once I get her into the seat she arches her back so I can’t buckle her in a few times just to show me that she can.

By some sort of magic I am eventually able to buckle her in and by some wonderful, hard to believe chance, she has yet to learn how to unbuckle herself. I dread the day her mind and fingers connect and she figures out how to push that red button to release the straps.

Then, as we are driving away she sings the “We’re late! We’re late!” song that she made up a few weeks ago after hearing me complain about how we had to hurry up or we were going to be late…again. So, yeah, we’re late. We are late a lot, but at least there is singing, right?

I’m pretty sure that nursery rhyme about a monkey and a weasel was written about a mother with a small daughter. A mother just trying to get to her destination on time.

Those rascally, little weasels. I wish mine would just get in her car seat!








7 thoughts on “Please…Just Get In Your Car Seat!”

  1. I think you may be right about that Monkey and Weasel song.

    Have you considered if Tiny Small has OCD tendencies? I have weird routines too. (I’m not crazy, just…you know…dedicated to my systems, but not all of them. You should see our cluttered apartment).

    1. You know what, I am glad you mentioned that. OCD actually runs in my family, well “tendencies” do, so I will keep an eye on that. I think we all so some weird stuff. When I was a kid I had this counting thing I did. A few years ago I was talking to my mom about it and she told me she did the same thing. Interesting, but luckily nothing that interferes with our daily lives. Tiny-Small might be like me in ways I haven’t even fathomed yet.

      1. I used to count all of my change. (OK, sometimes, I still do.) But like…not just a couple dollars worth of change. Like…a couple HUNDRED dollars worth of PENNIES, NICKELS, DIMES, and QUARTERS.

        I might be a little weirder than I thought.

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