A swing set makes a three year old happy

How To Make A Three-Year Old Happy

In case you were wondering about how to make a three-year old happy, I have two words for you: Swing Set. You can also win points with fort, slide, jungle gym, and by loudly declaring, “Who wants to be pushed on the swing?”

A swing set makes a three year old happy
How to make a three-year old happy.

Seriously, when Tiny-Small came around the corner and caught a glimpse of her fully constructed swing set it was obvious, by her spastic, I might be getting electrocuted wiggling, that she could barely contain her excitement.

Our friend came over to help us put it together. A friend Tiny-Small thinks is the bees-knees. She thinks he’s a super hero, better than sliced bread, drill-holding-genius. That’s what she thinks. That’s what I think too. If it hadn’t been for him there would be no swing set. I wish I was kidding. This swing set almost didn’t happen…multiple times.

The slide is fast!
The slide is fast!

Jim and I started putting it together, but after staring at all of the parts and screws and fancy, magical bolts we were overwhelmed pretty quickly. Plus, the directions were written by aliens or time travelers, or really smart people because we could barely make heads or tails of them. When our friend inspected the portion of the swing set construction that we had completed he just shook his head sadly and said, “I think this is backwards.” I just replied, “Well, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit.” Then I went inside to make homemade pizza and cake and cookies because that’s the best way to scream THANK YOU to a single guy that puts a swing set together so you don’t have to, while simultaneously making a three-year old happy. Yes, I think baked goods are a special kind of currency. We all have our special talents, right? Mine might lead to heart disease or diabetic coma, but it’s all I’ve got to give and so I give it generously. I just write a note saying: EAT ONLY ONE PER DAY.

So, Tiny-Small is swinging like a monkey through the trees and climbing into her fort to scream, “I am king of the world! Catch me at the bottom of the slide!” It’s been really fun to watch her. She is having a blast and being a kid. It felt really good to be making some dreams come true.

Now, I just have to convince Jim to help me drag it away from the fence. It’s too close for swinging. I tried to explain that to them before they built it, but nobody listens to the baker covered in flour these days. Not that I blame them. I’m not exactly mechanically inclined and I do better with instructional videos (or pictures) than written directions, but I am pretty good at the common sense part, usually. So, actually I totally blame them for not listening, but in a thank you for building it I still adore you kind of way.

The swing set is too close to the fence.
The swing set is a little close to the fence behind it.

That’s OK, we’ll slide that swing set over a few feet and then it will be perfect! Tiny-Small will be able to swing and swing and swing and I will smile because I know exactly how to make a three-year old happy. That’s the only part that matters!

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  1. Bought our swing set when your dad was 1 month old–Uncle Mike had mumps, then Uncle David and I got them two weeks later. Fun and games, but at least Mike had a place to play! Tiny-Small is adorable. Give her hugs!

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