How To Assemble A Cast Of Characters For Your Mixed Media Art

Do you ever see cool collages featuring unusual characters and animals assembled with magazine scraps and wish you could do it too? I did! That’s why I found this tutorial video made by Renee over at The Tin Goat so useful and inspiring. She taught me how to make a cast of characters for one of my mixed media art paintings in less than 14 minutes. If you are interested in creating imaginary creatures for one of your pieces of mixed media art, or even for a story you are writing, I’d check out this video first. Tiny-Small helped me pick out eyes and clothes for my people. I think if she was old enough to be able to use the scissors better she would make some of her own. This is a great activity for kids or adults! It’s fun and a relaxing way to get your creativity flowing. There really is no way to make a mistake and since you are just recycling old magazines there is no blank page or expensive art materials to get hung up on. Block-free art making!

Video made by Renee from The Tin Goat:

Here is what I came up with.

mixed media art
Birds of a feather run together!


I mostly used pictures from Women’s Health and Parenting because that is what I happened to have hanging around. I think any magazine would work. Experiment!

Dog headed woman assemblage piece.
Accessories Matter!


Save those store ads too because purses, jewelry, and women’s clothing are really useful for making bodies and crowns and other accessories.

Four eyed girl assembalge piece.
Tiny-Small calls this one “Me with four eyes.”


I love the giant head with a little body. It amuses me! Humor and art are two of my favorite things. Mixing them together makes for an excellent experience.

Women with a milkshake assemblage piece.
Will her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? What does that even mean anyway? Seriously, I never understood what that song was supposed to be out.

My next step will be to add these characters to one of my mixed media art pieces. I can’t wait to see the results. It’s been fun so far and I am looking forward to making more mixed media art creatures. I have a little lap desk that I made most of these on last night while sitting on the couch watching an Episode of Dexter. Making these little creatures distracted me from being too scared of the TV show. Win-Win! Dexter gives me nightmares you guys, and yet, I can’t seem to stop watching it. Somehow, keeping my hands busy helps.

For kids, I would have them assemble one of these mixed media art characters and then have them write a story about their cyclops bird with alligator legs. Fine motor skills, imagination, creativity, writing…it’s all covered in this one activity! Renee over at the Tin Goat wants to see what people make after watching her tutorial video so I am heading over there now to leave her a link to this post. If you make something using techniques from her video be sure to let her know too! It’s fun to share. Plus, she does amazing work and writes about art journaling too if that is something you want to learn about. Check out her site!



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