Baby unicorns are pink pinata.

What Color Are Baby Unicorns?

I asked my daughter, “What color are baby unicorns?” She yelled, “Pink!”

Baby unicorns are pink pinata.
Baby unicorns are pink.

So is mermaid hair.

Mermaid Pinata
Mermaid Piñata

But, cats are yellow.

Yellow cat pinata
Yellow cat Piñata that I want to name Seymour.

I am making piñata’s like I am about to celebrate the biggest birthday bash that ever existed, or like I got a part-time job making them. Yay me! Tiny-Small said when we hit the piñata the candy will fall straight into her mouth. We’ll see about that one. 😉


Happy Friday!


P.S. Want to make your own piñata? Check out these instructions on the Instructables website: How To Make Custom Piñatas.


8 thoughts on “What Color Are Baby Unicorns?”

  1. Those are so great! Yes, pink of course!
    My mother made at least one when we were kids out of a shopping bag, it is etched in my memory.

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