Tiny-Small and I July 4th 2013

The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day

Tiny-Small and I July 4th 2013
Just being patriotic with our red white and blue.

Tiny-Small loves ice cream and cats so I am pretty sure yesterday, the fourth of July, will go down in her memory as one of the best days of her life. Considering she is barely three her best days ever don’t have much competition, but still…. She got to dance to a song about cats and eat the biggest ice cream cone she has ever gotten her hands on. I am going to go ahead and declare this the most successful holiday of her lifetime.

We went to an ice cream social. There was live music. They played the song, “The Cat Came Back” and claimed it was very popular when it came out and still is to this very day. I don’t know about the popularity part, but Tiny-Small sure liked it. She got to dance with another little girl who was dressed from head to toe as a ballerina. As you can imagine, Tiny-Small was in love.

Tiny-Small and the giant ice cream cone.
Look at that ice cream cone!

We also got to watch the fireworks because it stopped raining just in time for the show. Not Mickey, our cat, curled up on our laps to enjoy the show (we could see it from the front yard). Tiny-Small was so happy. Jim taught her to say “Ohhh! Ahhhh!” For each spark of light in the sky. She kept yelling, “The fireworks make a rainbow in the sky!” I didn’t get any pictures of that part because it was dark and I don’t have a very good camera for that sort of thing.

Tiny-Small and Jim in a photo shoot.
Sometimes you’re the rider, sometimes you’re the donkey…

I did, however, get a shot of this at the museum sponsoring the ice cream social. It’s pretty priceless and matches the photo from Fourth of July last year. It won’t be long before I have en entire collection of these goofy photos matching the passage of time. Next year, I hope to be one of those faces looking out.

Posing with the donkey.
Tiny-Small trying to be tall enough to be the  cow girl.

I hope your holiday was as funny fun as ours!



9 thoughts on “The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day”

  1. What an awesome 4th! That ice cream looks so delicious right now!

    Singing songs is great, isn’t it! I just love when the kids get into it.

    Your daughter is beautiful. I’m so glad that she enjoyed the holiday! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I was never going to let Tiny-Small have sugar either. Then she got her hands on some chocolate. It’s been a fast ride downhill ever since. Keep him away as long as possible!

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