Aunt J took us to Six Flags (Marine World) In California

Six Flags Roller Coaster
Six Flags Roller Coaster

We went to California for a short vacation and Jim’s sister took Tiny Small to Six Flags. She took us too because we are spoiled that way. This particular Six Flags had marine animals because it used to be Marine World. It had a bunch of zoo animals too. All the way there I thought we were going to a giant aquarium. I was surprised to see roller coasters and walruses hanging out in the same place. It was like the holy grail of theme parks, especially for a three-year old. Tiny-Small had a blast. Who doesn’t love a place with sharks, train rides, pizza, tigers, and monkeys, right?

Six Flags: Where animals take walks.
Six Flags: Where animals take walks.

She went on rides for the first time. She liked them. She wanted to go again and again and again and again…you get the picture!

Six Flags Dumbo Ride
Tiny-Small goes on her very first amusement park ride. Mark this day in your calendar as the day her love affair with adventure was born.

She was completely brave. I was amazed. A few months ago she would have never done this by herself. She would have wanted her mom or dad sitting beside her.

Six Flags swings for the little kids
I can’t even get her on the regular swings at the park and yet here she is at Six Flags, flying through the air all by herself!

When I ask her about going to Six Flags she always says, “I saw giraffes.” I took about 27 pictures of the giraffe because I was thinking I would be able to use them as reference photos for paintings I want to paint. Pus, I do love giraffes. I think my photo taking impressed Tiny-Small because even though she rode on Dumbo and got to see a Dolphin Show, the giraffe is the first thing that comes to mind when we ask her about Six Flags. It’s probably because she had to wait FOREVER there while I took all of the pictures I wanted to take. I am sure she was wondering what was holding us up from seeing the lions and riding on the swings. My lingering is burned into her brain as that time she could have been doing all of the cool things, but instead had to wait for her mom to take pictures for what felt like 24 hours. I am pretty sure kids experience time the same way dogs do. Yes, I just compared my child to a dog. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last. When I start comparing her to a chicken, that’s when it is time to call the people in white coats to come and take me away for “exhaustion” so be on the look out. I probably won’t know when I have gone over the edge. It’s a slippery slope into motherhood madness, at least that is what I have been told.

Six Flags Giraffe
The Famous Giraffe, modeling for the camera.

I am hoping to paint again soon. Going on vacation always gives me new ideas. New experiences are a catalyst for creativity. If I ever get unpacked I might have time to start painting. Meanwhile, Tiny-Small got to have the most fun she has ever had in her entire life, probably. She loves her Aunt J and her grandparents even more than the Dumbo ride and the giraffe. That’s a lot. We have only been home a couple of days and she misses them already.

Six Flags walrus statue.
Six Flags walrus statue.

I am pretty sure she wants a pet walrus too, but who doesn’t right? I mean, they are pretty cool. She’ll have to settle for wild snakes and wagon rides now that we are home. That’s the price you have to pay for living in the desert. I’m really thankful too, because those walrus have some crazy teeth. I am not sure I’d want one for a pet. You know I’d be the one stuck feeding it every day.

Thanks for the memories and the adventure, Aunt J! We sure had a good time.


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