Artist Formerly known as Lillian Connelly

The Artist Formerly Known As…

The other day was my birthday so Jim took me out to lunch. Just the two of us! Seriously, we haven’t been anywhere alone together since our December 31st wedding anniversary. We don’t get out much because I can’t seem to find a babysitter that will actually show up. Maybe all of the babysitters in town read my blog and see that picture of Tiny-Small screaming and just get real, real scared or something. I don’t know, but other people have weekly date nights and we have bi-annual date nights. I am not complaining, at least not too loudly, because I am sure some couples out there don’t get date nights at all.

Artist Formerly known as Lillian Connelly
Background Step 1

You’d think since we don’t get out much that we would have intense adult conversations about important things, but no, we talk about silly stuff and spend as much time as possible laughing. We save the serious conversations for right before bed, to ensure we get the least amount of sleep as possible. This lunch date was no different, we talked about ridiculous things:

Jim: Did you hear Snoop Dog changed his name to “Snoop Panther”?

Me: Wait, I thought he changed it to Snoop Lion.

Jim: Really?

Me: Yeah. What if I changed my name? Like to, “The Artist Formerly Known As Lillian Connelly.” I want to be like Prince.

Jim: What if you changed it to “Princess Lion” instead? Although that kind of sounds like animal porn.

Me: Animal porn?!

Jim: Yeah, porn for animals. Princess Lion would be the star.

We were sitting on the same side of the table facing the window because that seemed sort of romantic (and also because we can’t hear what the other person is saying when we sit across from each other). We couldn’t hear (mostly) because it was a noisy, crowded restaurant, but also because we’re both going deaf. Jim with old age (haha) and me from listening to Nirvana too loudly on my Walkman in high school. Stupid teenage angst.

Background step 2 where I make it more intense by trying to tone it all down.

Just then, as we were laughing about my animal porn star name, a man with a motorcycle drove by in front of us nice and slow like. His dog was sitting in front of him, on the motorcycle. Jim and I both went silent and then burst out laughing. It was like a sign from the animal porn gods or something.

mermaid art painting
Coral Reef Mermaid progress shot Formerly known as: Step 3

So, please, refer to me from now on as The Artist Formerly Known as Lillian Connelly or as Princess Lion…soon to be “The Artist Formerly Known As Princess Lion.” Also, please do not take your dog for a ride on your motorcycle. Let’s leave those antics for the animal porn stars. They’ve been trained to do this nonsense, obviously.


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13 thoughts on “The Artist Formerly Known As…”

  1. The Mermaid Formerly Known as Lil’ Connelly……. we wait to do our serious conversations until bedtime as well. I can tell something has been bugging him all day but as always he waits till like midnight just as my head has hit the pillow and I am snuggly in bed to drop it on me…. Men!

  2. I wouldn’t identify myself with “Snoop Clown” for any reason. He’s been arrested for violating possession of cocaine and many arrests for weed and is generally a pain in the butt, banned for flying on UK planes for his antics. “Princess Lion” sounds ok to me, but it does sound a little bit like a cougar which I know you’re not! Me, I want to be know as ninja boomer viking. Do you think Chuck Norris would give me a bit part in one of his movies 😉

      1. Yeah. I think Chuck Norris would think it was ok. I can see myself coming out of a river in nam’ with my water cannon hosing the vc 😉

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