Not Mickey the cat

Making Blog Headers And Taking Names

Not Mickey the cat
Not Mickey does not care about blog headers.

I am making blog headers. Lots of them. So, you might see some changes going on until I find one I really like. For instance, at this moment all I can think about when I see my face snuggled up to Tiny-Small, and her adorable head, is that I am wearing my nightgown. That just seems weird. Like having a video conference and not wearing pants…which I have not done, I swear.

Anyway, it takes me a while to adjust to change and to fix the stuff that needs fixing, but I will get it all done eventually. In the meantime I hope you will understand my experimental fake photo shopping and my desire to “wow” you with my ability to make blog headers. Also, I have no idea what the title of this blog post means. I am totally not taking names. I am just pretending to be awesome even though I am mediocre at best.

Not Mickey Drank Too Many Mock Margaritas
Not Mickey Drank Too Many Mock Margaritas

I did put a picture of my cat up there. I was hoping I might get more of the cat-lady-crowd types to read my blog because I know that would make Tiny-Small very happy. She is a future cat lady in training. Also, people who love cats also love to read, or like the Internet, or eat chocolate. I can’t remember which, but if you love caturday you might like my blog too, at least sometimes. Like today.

What's up Dawg?
What’s up Dawg? Don’t Want To Make Your Blog Header Better?

Enjoy the cat pictures. Send me blog header makin’ prayers or chocolate, or web designers that pay YOU to design your blog design thingy. I would so rather be drinking mock margaritas by the swimming pool I don’t even have right now than making these darn headers. No, that’s a lie. I sort of love it…sort of! No, I do, truly, because I love pictures and Tiny-Small and cats and mermaids and I tolerate knowing I am in my nightgown on the National Stage here (that only a few people in the nation are actually even looking at).

Thanks for your patience, you guys. I think once I get some things organized on this blog it’s going to be smooth sailing from there. I am totally crossing my fingers right now and rubbing my cats belly for good luck.

See you at the next header making party! I’ll be the one with the cat.



25 thoughts on “Making Blog Headers And Taking Names”

  1. I can send you some blog header creativity enhancing chocolate that I saw at the store I saw the other day………. dark chocolate bar with beef jerky or dark chocolate bar with bacon…. Ok well the one with bacon may actually taste good. I don’t know if I am ever going to be brave enough to try it with beef jerky though. But guaranteed to get the creativity moving.

  2. Thanks for letting us all sit for a bit by your imaginary pool –all of us in our night gowns or purple unicorn sleep pants–just to chat and ramble about chocolate bacon, mermaids and of course…headers!

  3. One though. Maybe the nightgown angle would pull in more male followers. Except I’d change the nightgown to something from Victoria’s Secret 😉 The cat on the lap would be a nice touch. Of course I don’t know what kind of target followers you want. Probably not the female PETA crowd. They can get pretty weird.

      1. Chuck Norris told me that he was waiting to see his mermaid art and was eager to become a follower 😉 Anyway I’m flattered by your comment 😀 Btw, is hubby around? Is he very big lol? I forgot, he’s into tai chi!

        1. My husband doesn’t read my blog unless I make him. I think he feels like living it was enough. I need to get on my mermaid Chuck Norris ASAP. Merman! Merman! It’s going to have to be a chip off the old Zoolander block.

  4. Oh yeah, I hear ya on the header thing. I keep changing mine, and I FINALLY had the guts to draw my own! OH…photoshop makes me want to crawl under a rock and cry. Good luck with the header! If it doesn’t go well, you can join me under a rock for a chocolate binge.

    1. I don’t even have real photoshop. I have free Picassa from Google. It’s like working with your arms tied behind your back! Where is that rock?!

  5. Well, Queen Bee Header Maker, good for you! I wouldn’t even know how to change mine. It’s still the original template one from when I started blogging three years ago. I’m thinking the catlady angle is a good one. I see tons of cat photos around the blogs, and they seem to really like each other. Good luck!
    I look forward to seeing all of the new headers you come up with.

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