bad horse painting

Help Me Turn This Bad Horse Painting Into A Meme

You’ve seen this horse before. I mean, if you read this blog you have. It’s my bad horse painting. I’ve been staring at it way too much lately. It is just sitting there in a pile just begging for a second life. I don’t want to paint over it because it entertains me, but I thought maybe it would make a really fun meme. Maybe it will even go viral. I’d be famous for my bad horse art. I can think of worse things. I mean, at least people would be laughing with me instead of just at me, right?

So, my first thought was channeling Taxi Driver.

bad horse painting

Then I imagined the horse is probably suffering from some paranoia judging by the ears and the eyes, but maybe that paranoia is totally justified.

Help me turn this bad horse painting into a meme.

Finally, how funny is it to imply that this beast has anything in common with poetry?

poetry horse

So, what I really want is for you to caption this bad boy. What words would you put next to this poor horse? Can you help me turn this bad horse painting into a meme? It really needs it’s 15 minutes of fame and we can always use more laughter, right?

Leave me some words in the comments and then I’ll post some on my Facebook page for fun and also on Pinterest for even more fun.


31 thoughts on “Help Me Turn This Bad Horse Painting Into A Meme”

    1. Haha…I think I have a blank one on this website somewhere…I will have to look for it. It’s buried in a post about my painting incompetence. I’ll try to track it down.

  1. What else but “Willllllllbuuuurrrrrrrr!” (r.i.p. Bamboo Harvester) For those of you not familiar with 60’s sitcoms, see “Mr. Ed.”

    1. I have had a long day with all kinds of stuff going on and lots of driving. I get home past my bedtime and check in and see this thing you have posted and I am laughing and laughing. Thank you for that! I am going to bed with a smile on my face now.

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