mermaid sketch Hallmark cards

She Wrote Me My Own Hallmark Card

mermaid sketch Hallmark cards
Daily Mermaid sketch No. 2

Molly Field wrote me a hallmark card in the form of a blog post. It made me cry a little and feel all mushy and sentimental inside. It’s good to have friends. Even imaginary ones like Jim calls all of my Internet pals. There is nothing imaginary about them though. These people are sometimes more real than the people I interact with in person. I am totally blushing by the title of Molly’s post, but if you want to see what got me all choked up you should read: The Amazing Lillian Connelly.

My Internet friends save me on a daily basis. They save from myself. When I get overwhelmed by motherhood and painting and blogging and cleaning and trying to be the best at everything, my friends remind me of my priorities. Alex over at Late Enough sent me a link to her post Writing As A Mother: The Price I Pay and it helped me tremendously. I recognized myself in her words. She gave me permission to choose family first which should be a no brainer, but when you are driven and passionate, you sometimes forget that what is most important to you is the people. THE PEOPLE! Plus, there is so much pressure to “be” your career, but some of us aren’t built that way. Once you figure out what is most important to you and get those priorities in order life starts to make sense again. Life doesn’t become perfect, but it becomes manageable. Happiness is worth paying a price for.

This week my friend Silvana shared a video of Amanda Palmer talking about creativity and the importance of writers and artists. Our job is to “connect the dots” we see in the world and to make sense of things. In the video, Amanda Palmer talks about courage and criticism and how our voices are only our own until someone else can relate to what we are saying, and then our personal stories become shared stories. You can watch the video here: Amanda Palmer On Creativity as Connecting Dots  and the Terrifying Joy of Sharing Your Art Online. You may be surprised to know that I often hold back in my writing (and in my art) because I don’t want to be criticized or to offend anyone. This 30 minute video changed the way I see my place in the world, my place on the Internet, and the value of my words. I am going to try to be more courageous from now on. It’s important. If you have some time I highly recommend watching this video, especially if you have ever wanted to write or paint something (or even say something), but didn’t because you were afraid people would disagree with you. I am not surprised Silvana was the one to share this video with the Global Niche group I am a member of. She is a master at connecting the dots. She has an eye for patterns and beauty. If you are on Pinterest just check out her boards SIlvana Vukadin-Hoitt and you’ll see what I mean.

On top of all of this, I had a big painting break through this week, and learned a lesson in letting go, which I am positive has to do with the three things above happening and with my writing this: Everything Right Is Wrong Again. When I wrote about my need to control the painting process something broke free and I was able to stop trying to control everything so much. It was like getting a new pair of glasses. Suddenly I could see things I couldn’t see before. Writing is such a powerful tool for opening up your soul, vomiting up your fears, and getting your head wrapped around all of the confusion and worry that builds up inside. Having friends, invisible or otherwise, to support you through some of these emotional processes is invaluable.

So, is there anyone in your life right now that you could write a Hallmark card to? Someone who needs a little boost and support? Someone that needs help in letting go of something trivial or holding onto something important? Bolster your courage and tell them what they mean to you. It could make all the difference in the world to them in this moment. Don’t let fear stop you from making a difference in the life of another.

Eat Fear!


5 thoughts on “She Wrote Me My Own Hallmark Card”

  1. I love this for a few reasons. a) Molly. I mean what’s not to love. I have been in my own anti-blog/social media mode lately but she got me laughing so damn hard yesterday that I remembered why I love this crazy internetland. So glad she gave you a Hallmark card. b) Love that post by Alex and agree on all fronts. Awesome that you are making peace with your priorities. Geezus it’s hard to get any of it done, let alone all of it. c) Amen on the courage thing. I am getting a little better at not holding back in real life the older I get and the less I care, but I confess the internet still scares the shit out of me sometimes. But isn’t that insane? That I would care more about offending a faceless internet troll? Gah.

    My daughter will LOVE that mermaid picture. 20 bucks says she tries to copy it.

    1. Your daughter will probably make a better mermaid! Drawing has always been hard for me. I hope you post a picture if she does!

      The Internet is a scary place in some ways. I think the more you interact on it the less scary it becomes, but I try to be cautious too. There are some weird things going on out in cyberspace and it can be dangerous at times. It takes a thick skin to put yourself out there. I am still growing mine, but if I am going to be authentic and real there will be times I will offend people. It’s a risk I want to be willing to take. It’s not going to happen over night though, so baby steps it is!

      Molly is pretty hilarious!

  2. How ’bout Chuck Norris as a mermaid? Somehow I don’t think he appreciate it if I drew him as one 😉 Even if he was feeling down and “needed a lift” 😉 Perhaps his recent films have gone straight to video and he’s sad about that. It wouldn’t be right though.

    1. Oh no, Wayne. Never suggest things like this to me because then, then…they HAVE TO HAPPEN. Chuck Norris is going to make an awesome mermaid. Thank goodness my blog is a tiny blip on the Internet so I can do these types of things without him ever knowing. Obscurity has it’s advantages. Besides, he can roll around in all of the money he makes on royalties to lift his spirits while he knocks some heads together and does charity work all at the same time.

      1. I think he’d get a good laugh out of it. Might even send you an autographed picture of himself; probably of that movie he did “Missing in Action” where he wipes out the V.C. 😉

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