wet into wet watercolor technique

Watercolor Painting: Wet Into Wet

I am using a watercolor technique called wet into wet today. I paint the paper with water first and then drop some paint into it. This makes the paint swirl together. The paint spreads out on the water and pools where the paper is the most wet. I like to use it in the backgrounds of my flower paintings.

wet into wet watercolor technique
Paint the paper with water first.

IMG_3262 IMG_3263 IMG_3264


8 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting: Wet Into Wet”

  1. I love it! I have taken only one water color class and this was one of the techniques they taught. I am still firmly entrenched in the acrylic camp, so I prefer the wet on dry technique. I actually posted a picture of one of my water colors in my post today. 🙂

    1. I like acrylics too. I have some serious control issues when it comes to painting. The unexpected accidents that happen with watercolor have helped me loosen up a bit. Now I am a little less worried about perfection and more open to possibilities, but the watercolors were frustrating at first. I started out painting oils and could not figure out why anyone would like acrylics. After my daughter was born I didn’t like the oils because they have an odor and take forever to dry, so I started experimenting with acrylics. I don’t think I will ever go back to oils now!

    1. Thank you! I will post the finished piece. It takes me a while with a toddler trying to help me all the time. I have to paint in spurts!

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