argyle socks and Tiny-Small

Sleep Writing

argyle socks and Tiny-Small
Sometimes we match in all the best ways possible.

Sleep writing happened last night. I swear it did. I woke up in the middle of the night with the funniest idea for a blog post. It was hilarious. I remember chuckling to myself while Jim snored next to me. I had it all planned out with the perfect key words for SEO optimization and everything.

I went back to sleep, secure in the knowledge that my blog would be so awesome today. I was confident that I would probably end up doing the morning news circuit…Good Morning, America, The Today Show, whatever else comes on TV in the morning, would all be calling to schedule an interview with me. I’d be more famous than The Bloggess or that little dog that has a Facebook Fan Page with more likes than I could ever dream of getting.

When I woke up this morning to Tiny-Small screaming, “Mama! I want to get up now!” I couldn’t remember anything about my amazing post. All I could remember was that Quirky Chrissy was involved, which makes a lot of sense because she is one of the funniest bloggers I know. I am starting to wonder if I was actually sleep writing or just sleep dreaming. I have to clarify between the two because I seem to spend a lot time dreaming while completely awake too. It’s hard to tell what happened last night, since I didn’t actually write anything down. I am disappointed that I am missing out on an opportunity to “wow” you with my humor and my writing talents this morning, but not as disappointed as I was yesterday morning when I woke up and realized I did not, in fact, live in Manhattan. Sometimes the things that happen at night seem so real. I could have sworn I had written the best blog post that ever existed, while sitting in a diner, sipping coffee, in Manhattan.

Instead, all I have is this:

Yesterday was so cold. After a week of wearing Capri pants and T-shirts I was really annoyed that I had to put on a sweater. My friend Red Hot Writing Hood calls it “Second Winter” which is funny and a reference to the Lord of The Rings which makes us both happy and super geeky, probably. Anyway, the only good thing about second winter is I got to wear these:

sleep writing in argyle socks
On the outside I look all drab, but that’s OK because I have secret rainbow socks underneath it all.

Which proves how geeky I really am.

I hope I get better at sleep writing. I just know if I could remember things better I would impress everyone with my sleep writing imagination. Maybe if I start recording myself at night I’d get some insight into my ideas and some clarity about the amazing writing I have been doing while sleeping. Then again, maybe not. It might be just sleep dreaming and the writing might not be very good after all. Still, I would have been awesome on Good Morning, America. I would have rocked the blogging world. I just know it.




P. S. Next Tuesday I am starting a series on the Creative Process. Artists and writers will be discussing the how, what, and why’s about their work. It’s going to be amazing! Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “Sleep Writing”

  1. You lucky girl, I could never wear socks like that without being called “Hobbit” by my better half at least twice an hour. He would say: “your legs are already short, there’s no point in emphasising that…” and I would shout back: “at least mine are not all hairy!”.
    Geeks all around the world! 🙂

    1. I don’t think my husband even notices my socks. I will tell him I am a hobbit and see what he says…during second breakfast, of course!

  2. Those are the greatest socks I have ever seen.

    I love that I aas included in your brilliant blog post, even if you don’t remember it. But really all of your posts are brilliant. I cant wait to see you on GMA!

  3. A) Fun socks are the key to happiness in life. It’s ridiculous how much joy I get out of my favorite unicorn rainbow socks. Love yours. B) You use SEO keywords? Geez you never fail to impress me.

    1. I have a plugin for SEO, but I doubt I am doing it right. It all seems like some kind of magic to me. Unicorn socks…I am so jealous!

  4. If I could sleep write, I might actually make a bloggy comeback! I love this idea…but I love your rainbow socks even more!

    1. I have to write everything down. EVERYTHING. I really wish I had a better memory, but I don’t. Now I have to suffer the consequences of not writing my idea down. No Good Morning, America for me.

  5. I wish I wrote awesome blogs in my sleep. The only thing I seem to be able to do is dream of my husband being horribly mean or unfaithful to me, and it seems so real, I am furious with him in the morning. Do you now keep a pen and paper next to your bed to write the brilliance down?

    1. I have pen and paper by my bed, but usually at night I am too lazy and tired to ever write it down. Plus, I always think I will remember despite all of the evidence proving otherwise.

      I have dreams like that about my husband sometimes too. I wake up all mad. Poor innocent husbands!

      1. I tried the writing the dream down while I was half asleep. Usually what I got was a bunch of illegible scribbles. 🙁 Then I tried talking into a tape recorder and got mumbled gibberish. Sounded like I was drunk. Yikes!

        1. I am pretty sure that’s what I would get too. Ideas always seem brilliant when you are half asleep…in reality, probably not so much!

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