Painting Pet Portraits For Bloggers Brings Me Joy

Painting pet portraits for bloggers is so much fun. I mean, bloggers have a sense of humor unparalleled to people in any other kind of profession, except maybe actual comedians. There are many setbacks and failures associated with blogging and I won’t even get started on the competition factor, so, to keep at it, you have to be able to laugh at adversity and be a little silly. I mean, you can’t take it all so seriously or you’ll drive yourself completely crazy.

Remember when I painted these guinea pigs for my blogger friend Not Blessed Mama?

Guinea Pig Art

I had so much fun because she wanted rainbows. I mean, guinea pigs and rainbows are kind of funny, right? We talked about it a lot on Twitter. Funny tweets about unicorns and rainbows and guinea pigs was bantered back and forth. Until, one day, it all cemented into place and became a real thing. A real painting.

I am writing about this again because Not Blessed Mama has her guinea pig painting at home now and she wrote about it on her blog. She even has pictures of her guinea pigs looking at their own portraits which is humorous and a bit surreal. I swear one of them is trying to eat the grass right out of the painting. I found it so funny and so endearing.

Not Blessed Mama also made me blush with her flattering words about my art and about me as a person. It’s nice to have such good friends. I hope you will take a moment to go check out her blog post I Commissioned A Painting Of My Guinea Pigs because she is really funny and the pictures she posts with it are too.

Selling a painting is always a good thing, but selling one to a blogger brings me joy. I think that’s because they like to tell stories and when I get to hear the stories revolving around my painting it adds a new dimension to my creation. When I read about kids tearing the package open in excitement, or I get an email with two little girls holding the portrait I painted of them it just makes me happy. When I see the framing someone picked out and they share the conversations they had (and have) with their spouse about the painting, it just makes me feel like my painting has a life of its own.

I believe strongly that all paintings tell a story, usually more than one. Those stories create connections between people. They inspire people. I think, for me, that is what art is all about.




9 thoughts on “Painting Pet Portraits For Bloggers Brings Me Joy”

  1. You are right – paintings do have their own lives to live. It must feel amazing when you think your painting has brought so much joy to a family – now I wish I could paint, too! :))) And although I am not the biggest fan of guinea pigs, actually, they scare the crap out of me, the painting is really cute.

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