Examining The Creative Mind: Quirky Chrissy

Examining The Creative Mind: Quirky Chrissy

Today I get to introduce you to one of my favorite creative minds: Quirky Chrissy. She’s witty and smart and full of enthusiasm and life. She consistently makes me laugh with stories about her life. She writes fiction and has a never ending supply of fresh ideas. I think she is also extremely supportive of other people and their creative endeavors. She’s one of those people that shine from the inside out. I hope you enjoy her reflections on the creative process!

Examining The Creative Mind: Quirky Chrissy
Quirky Chrissy

Hi Lily’s People! I’m Chrissy. I’m pretty honored that Lily asked me to come in and talk at to you about myself as an artist. I guess I never looked at it that way. As an artist, I mean. Me. An artist. It’s like that one time my choir teacher told me (after I said I don’t play an instrument) that my body was my instrument and yes, I did play an instrument when I sang.

Right. Back to me as an artist. Lily is an absolute peach for thinking that I am an artist. Not that she hasn’t always been lovable…But you know…HONORED here.

I am a writer who blogs (not to be confused with a blogger who writes. Is that confusing? Probably. It is to me.) I’ve been a writer since I was six years old. I wrote my first poem in 1st grade, and my mom saved it so that one day I could publish it on my blog (she’s always had more faith in me than I have had in myself. I think.)

Professionally, I am a copywriter. I work for a relatively large corporation writing SEO copy. I love my job, but the writing is not incredibly exciting. Which is one of many reasons why I blog.

I prefer to write short personal narratives. I’ve always dreamed of telling my own story. In a real book. Mostly because I feel as though writing a fictional story is harder to do. When I write fiction, I find that every character is an offshoot of me. It’s like another limb on my body. It’s a part of me. Each character that I write portrays some part of my life, my past, my heart, or my soul. Because I can only truly write what I know. And I know me best. The hard part is drawing from the depths of me. The pieces of me that I’m afraid of. It’s terrifying.

Of course, I also draw inspiration from everything in my life. Media (books, movies, music, TV and social) is always a factor in my thought process. I never realized what a huge influence music was on my writing until I realized that I think in song lyrics. A lot. I also get a lot of ideas from my relationships: Brian, my family, and my friends. Brian is most certainly a muse. He inspires me on a daily basis. To be more. To be me. To do everything and anything that I want and can do. It doesn’t hurt that he makes me laugh all the time, either.

Examining The Creative Mind:Quirky Chrissy
Quirky Chrissy’s Muse

When I write, I don’t follow a structured routine, but I do tend to wake up early and write on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I do a lot of my best thinking in unexpected places, like the shower. In all seriousness, being near water is calming and helps me think best of all. Lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds…it makes no matter to me. I feel at home near water. And it helps me to brainstorm. The actual writing is almost always at my desk in the office I share with Brian. (We have matching desks. Did that just make you gag a little bit? I know.) When I write for work, I listen to instrumental metal music. I find it energizing. If I’m having trouble thinking of what to write, I play a mindless game that requires the puzzle solving aspect of my brain (Bejeweled, Tetris, ANY tower defense games). This way the rest of my brain can slow down and collect thoughts. It’s strange, but it works for me.

As a general rule, I prefer classic British literature to most American lit, but I really love the work of Twain. I think that he was so ahead of his time and brilliantly clever that I can’t help but admire and respect him. His witty banter and use of satire to portray the real issues of his time…blows me away. Every. Single. Time. I student taught Junior English and the greatest part of that was teaching Huck.

Examining The Creative Mind: Quirky Chrissy's Desk
Quirky Chrissy’s Desk

That being said, I love reading memoirs. Chelsea Handler, Jenny Lawson, and Jimmy Buffet are all VERY different people, but they all wrote stories that I couldn’t put down. I would say that I aspire to have the kind of social impact that Twain did. But I also want to tell my own story. I want to inspire others to be the very person that they want to be, and live up to their own expectations…and no one else’s.

Really, though…when it all comes down to it, I just want to write. And write for me. And hope that someone else out there finds my story as interesting as I do theirs.


OK, and I really want to be famous. Is that wrong?


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24 thoughts on “Examining The Creative Mind: Quirky Chrissy”

  1. Chrissy, so great to see inside you, so to speak. It’s not all bloody like I thought. I think it’s great to own that you want to be famous. If I ever become famous, you can be me if you’re not famous already. 🙂 I write to music too. I can’t not. Thanks for letting us in that noggin of yours. -M

  2. My favorite creative writer is Nostradamus. 😉 He had a thing about staring into a copper pan of water and his inspirations would come floating up. At least that’s what the new age people told me.
    Actually, Twain is one of my favorites. Edgar Allen Poe too as he was very psychological. As far as modern day writers, it’s gotta be Hemmingway and Kerouac. Bradbury is dead and I don’t feel so good myself 😉

      1. *On The Road* was the classic novel of the Beat Generation. Bradbury wrote * Fahrenheit 451*, *The Martian Chronicles*, and *The Illustrated Man* amongst a plethora of novels and short stories. 😀

  3. Chrissy,
    I don’t read enough of you, and I’m a sad clown for it. And it’s when I read something like this, about you, and your process, that I am reminded that I should change this terrible habit… That, and the fact that you should be on WordPress!
    Le Clown

        1. You need to read her everyday and turn that clown frown upside down. Seriously. Don’t be afraid to stalk her. I think she likes it.

    1. This entire conversation made my day. Le Clown, I self-host because there are so many perks/plugins to play with. BUT I’m very glad that I can make you cheery. 🙂 Also…you should read Lily. She is smart AND adorable AND funny.

      1. And a little afraid of clowns. I had a friend with a T-shirt that I could relate to, it said, “Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me.” I blame Poltergeist. The movie, not the real thing…if it is a real thing. Which, it totally could be.

  4. Good to get to know more about the artistic processes and sides of you, Chrissy! 🙂 My British better-half also has this thing for water – he does not feel well unless there is a lake/river/see/ocean somewhere near. Typical Islander!

  5. Chrissy states”My Irish better half”. Chrissy forgets…she is half Irish. I have always been very confused at her nonrecognition regarding this fact of life. But, I am always proud of her.

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