marriage equality

Writing About Marriage Equality.

marriage equality

I’ve read several blog posts about marriage equality over the past couple of days. I’ve wanted to write my own post, but I am not sure I have anything new to add. So many other people have shared their views and experiences so beautifully. I thought I’d show my support by sharing some of my favorite blog posts, written by other bloggers, on my blog today.

The Family Pants: On Marriage Equality

Robin’s Chicks: Marriage Equality: I Can’t Be Switzerland Anymore

DeBie Hive: For the people who are tired of hearing about the gays.

Late Enough: May This Be A Dawning, Not Just Of Marriage Equality, But Of A New Era Of Justice.

I am really proud of my fellow bloggers for taking a stand against injustice and for humanity. It’s not always easy to write about these topics. Sometimes bloggers are afraid to speak their minds because they don’t want to lose readers or they are afraid they will get a bunch of negative comments from people who disagree with them. It takes courage to stand up for people. It takes courage to be real, to live an authentic life. These four women do that all the time. I feel really blessed to be part of this online community.

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Human Rights For All


I wrote Why I Will Always Support The LGBT Community last July.

Eat Fear!


9 thoughts on “Writing About Marriage Equality.”

  1. Nice links, Lil, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m not writing about any of this because I feel like the USSC is gonna school anyone who thinks it’s constitutionally correct to discriminate. I have said for a long time, that if you pay taxes then you should get equal treatment. Maybe if the government wants to let the heterosexual couples only have protection under the law then the government should stop taxing gay couples so they can use the funds to pay for their insurance and other premiums. When it comes even more obvious that this is about money and fear, I’m sure the tables will turn.

  2. You are right; standing up for people we love or for what we believe in is definitely harder than it looks like. I am proud to have many friends, who “came out of closet” (I hate that expression btw, we have a literal translation of it in Polish…) in Poland where it still seems to be much harder and filled with more serious consequences than in US. I hope one day everyone who fights against gay rights realises that love is love and one thing they should fight is hatred and fear.

  3. Thanks for adding to the conversation by sharing what others have written. I’m OMW to read those words of support. I think I’ll follow your example and post some of my favorite words on marriage equality this week. Simply awesome! Hope our children’s children can look back on this time period and be proud that so many stood up for basic human rights… at the same time they shake their heads that it was even necessary. Good grief… what century is this again??? Keep being awesome. *LOVE*

    1. It is amazing to think about the future in this way. Our kids will look back and wonder WTF we were thinking, won’t they? I really hope we are evolving into something bigger and better.

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