Monday Memories: Do Not Try This At Home!

Today my Monday memories story is all about beauty gone wrong. I am talking about bikini waxing…in my twenties. I bought a do it yourself kit. All I can say is: Do not try this at home!

Some things are better left to professionals. Like bikini waxing. Not that I would know for sure because all I have experienced is the do it yourself variety which really should say, “At home torture device that doesn’t really work” on the box. I thought I was being thrifty and smart. It turns out I was being incredibly stupid and setting my money on fire…not to mention my skin. I still tear up a little when I think about it. The pain! The pain! (That’s a little throwback joke to that show about the island with magic…what was it called?)

At home waxing kits come with wax and cloth strips. Well, at least they did back then, when the dinosaurs were still alive and Friends was probably the most popular show on television. I was supposed to heat the wax, apply it, put a cloth on the wax, let it cool, and then rip it off. Ouch! The box also said that it only stung a little (liars!), but I should have paid more attention to all of the emergency numbers listed. Boxes covered with emergency numbers can only mean one thing: It’s all going to go very, very wrong at home today.

What happened instead was the stuff horror movies are made of. There is a reason people go to school to learn how to do these things. They are not easy to do. These waxing kits might even be the work of Satan himself. Or, obviously, a man. I am very confident they were designed by a man. I just like to throw Satan out there for dramatic effect. Also, I am pretty sure there is a lot of waxing going on in hell (If hell exists outside of your own personal bathroom and a do it yourself waxing kit).

Anyway, what really happened was I applied the slightly too hot wax, danced around from the pain, stuck the cloth on, let it cool and then ripped the cloth off. Just the cloth. The wax was still there, completely attached to my skin. All I managed to do was rip at the hair and skin. It was like having two to three hairs pulled really hard. Then I cried and rolled around on the floor in pain. I remember thinking people who got bikini waxes were likely insane or loved pain, or, at the very least, loved their bikini way, way too much. Then I wondered how I was going to remove the wax from my hands, my body, the water faucet, the light switch, the mirror…you get the picture.

Panic started to set in. The wax was sort of sticky and gummy because how can it really cool down when it is attached to warm skin? What I really needed was a walk in freezer. I knew I did not want to rip the wax off anymore because, well, it hurt. It hurt like hell. It’s the kind of thing they should offer epidurals for.  I now never trust anyone (or any box) who says, “It only hurts a little.” This episode with the wax is probably the number one reason I have no interest in getting a tattoo (that and I change my mind too often). The only chance I had for wax removal was to keep warming it up and attempting to scrape it off. I did this for hours. I didn’t get much off.

Luckily, I was home alone so nobody was banging on the bathroom door demanding to get inside or demanding to know what was going on in there. I cried through the entire thing. I never got all of the wax off. It had to wear off by itself. I was like a human candle for days. I certainly didn’t wear any bikinis. I am pretty confident that there is probably still wax stuck to those old bathroom fixtures to this very day. It did not go well at all.

That was the last time I bought a do it yourself waxing kit. I also don’t buy home perming kits or self tanner. None of that stuff ends well. Anyway, if you ever have the urge to get a bikini wax consider yourself warned: Do not do this at home!

Monday Memories

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18 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Do Not Try This At Home!”

    1. Laugh away! I am. Good grief, I was so stupid in my twenties! At least I have an endless supply of memories to make me laugh, right? 🙂

  1. Oh man, this post had me giggling at recognition and wincing in shared pain! I once bought Nad’s (green no heat waxing substance sold on infomercials.) I tried to do my eyebrows. Much like your tale of woe, the green goop was left on my brows and my hair was yanked but not removed. My hair dresser does my brows now. It’s a much better system. And my bikini? Well. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in 10 years so I’m not too worried about it.

  2. Hahahah!! Ouchouchouchouch!!! Hahahahaha!!!
    Bikinis are far overrated. I just got my eyebrows done for the first time and tears came to my eyes. I can’t imagine doing a bikini wax. The only home one I’ve done is a waxless one for the beard I’ve started to grow since birthing 5 boys. No dangerous wax mess to worry about.

    1. They really are overrated. I wish I had learned that lesson long before I bought that darn home waxing kit! haha…I had my eyebrows waxed once (about a year ago) too. I haven’t done that again either!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just laughed my butt off! Yes, out loud! Not because I am laughing at you, but because your descriptions are hilarious. And because I’ve been through the pain of waxing once before where I was jumping up and down on a waxing table and the lady kept patting me, saying, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.” Just like that box of yours, she was a LIAR. I don’t ever want to go through such pain again. And, boy, do I know what you’re talking about when you have to let the wax wear off… believe me, I did it the day I was leaving to Puerto Rico so I had to deal with that crap on a flight and then for days in hot-ass weather… I ended up wearing my one-piece with a bathing suit skirt. LOL. Thank you for sharing this Monday memory. It sure made me feel better about my own experience, and also… I needed a really good laugh. I’m sorry you went through such pain, but it sure makes for a good story!

  4. Oh that must have been awful! I have had a bikini wax only once in my life (in a beauty salon) and it hurt very, very, very, very much – so I guess its just for the “ready-to-die-for-good-looks” kinda girls or masochists!

    1. I think you are right! When I was young I thought this was something all women did. It’s nice to know that isn’t true and that most people think it hurts as much as I did.

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