Who even buys CD’s anymore? This girl. (Nope, haven’t combed my hair today either)

We’re on a musical journey in this house. I mean, music is an important part of the education of Tiny-Small so we discuss it at great lengths sometimes. The problem is, Jim and I have very different tastes in music. We like some of the same things, but then there is the whole, wide-world of differences we seem to have. Some of those differences we can blame on our age gap (14 years), or the whole East coast versus West coast arguments we seem to have. Some of Jim’s arguments just don’t make any sense at all. At least, not to me. He is much more obsessed with his hometown than I am, but maybe that’s because I don’t really have a hometown. As a child, my family moved too often for me to adopt one location and hold it up with undying pride. Jim lived in one place for almost his entire childhood. His parents still live in the house he grew up in.

We have many humorous arguments revolving around musicians. For instance, Jim can’t stand Elton John, Billy Joel or Phil Collins. “Never mention Phil Collins to me. Just his names makes me nauseous.” he says.

I’ve never figured out why. Why is Phil Collins so horrible? I’ve never gotten a satisfying answer from him. What’s wrong with Billy Joel? I mean, this is comfort music. This is what I grew up hearing. Just like Michael Jackson and Madonna, these musicians sort of mark the moments of my youth. They are my old friends. The people I looked up to as a kid.

Jim found a Journey CD in the bargain bin and bought it for me because he loves me and he knows I love Journey. He hates Journey, but he knows all of the words to all of the songs. Every single one. So, I think he pretends to hate them more than he really hates them. Either that, or someone in his past tortured him by playing the songs over and over again while he was trapped in a car with them. I’ll probably never get the whole story on his experience with Journey.

This morning I played the new to me Journey CD and he sang along. So did Tiny-Small, although her singing was more like moaning and whaling, with a lot of twirling until she fell down. She hasn’t heard these songs for years like we have. She’s a novice, but then after listing to Journey all morning I can see why she thinks the moaning and high pitch whaling are appropriate.

Then this happened:

Jim: I don’t know why I didn’t like Journey before. They aren’t really that bad.

Me: You seem to know all of the words.

Jim: You just don’t understand. I spent hours of my life arguing against Journey. I spent hours complaining to people about Journey. I hated Journey.

Me: Really? You spent that much time talking about them?

Jim: Yes! Journey was the decline of the San Francisco music scene. They ruined it.

Me: Seriously?

Jim: Yep, The Grateful Dead were so much better, but everyone kept talking about Journey.

So, here is where we diverge. I like music, but I’ve never had any in-depth, deep conversations about a band ruining any sort of music scene. I mean, I am interested in music. I like to sing along to the radio and dance in my living room. It makes me happy. The thing is, if I like a song, I just like it. I’m not too worried about it beyond that. Jim, on the other hand, takes music very seriously. He knows the band member statistics like they are on baseball cards. He remembers details about them I can’t even be bothered to learn. Also, no matter what kind of discussion we have, it always ends with The Grateful Dead. A band that I am, of course, familiar with. I mean, I like their Greatest Hits Album, but beyond that I couldn’t say much more about them. I missed the whole “I wish I were old enough to be a hippie” scene by almost two decades. I just don’t get the appeal of The Grateful Dead like he does. The live albums are almost torture to listen to with never-ending songs and off-key vocals. I am often incredulous that one song could go on and on and on and on and…oh, it’s still playing? Oh, please, shut it off, I need a break or something new….please! I’m also amazed that they sold so many albums and that people actually quit jobs to follow them around to attend every concert. There must have been some serious drugs involved. That’s the only way it makes any sense to me at all.

So, nothing beats The Grateful Dead in my house. Not even Prince. Not even Purple Rain. I don’t always know what to say to Jim, but at least I will always have Billy Joel and Elton John to keep company…and Journey.

The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’
I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow…

Have truer words ever been spoken? I think not. Beat that, Grateful Dead.

You’ll never replace my beloved Billy Joel.

East Coast RULES!

33 thoughts on “Journey”

  1. I LOVED THIS POST! and yes, the east coast does rule. i can’t understand the journey thing either, and like Jim, i’ve come to appreciate them more as i’ve aged. but the grateful dead?! JIM! I had such hope for you! even Foreigner I’d take over TGD. ugh. he probably likes “the new potato caboose” too. blech. such a fun post, lil. i <3 prince, but i'm like Jim — i study music as music. i learn the lyrics and if the lyrics suck, the song has to go. unless it's running music. then i just have to get to the next track; it's all about momentum at that point and i'll listen to hate rap if i have to to keep going.

    1. Journey is kind of cheesy music. It’s true, but it was always on in the car. I can’t help but love it.

      Running music needs to have a certain quality to it. So does painting music! I don’t listen to music as much as I once did. I’ve noticed lately that I am listening to political and news commentary more than music. I guess I only have so much time. I’ve been trying to put the music on more because T.S. loves it. She’s totally going to be like her dad.

  2. I like this Jim guy. Journey was good, and they had many hit songs. But they were no Grateful Dead. You had to experience it in person to get it. “There is a road, no simple highway between the dawn and the dark of night. And if you should go, no one may follow. That path is for your steps alone.”

        1. Jim says, “Wow! Awesome. I love that song. I went to a New Years Eve show in CA and they had this awesome sequence of songs: Box of Rain into Sugar Magnolia into Fire On The Mountain. The first show I went to at UC-Berkeley they opened with Jack Straw and then went into Sugary with San Francisco in the background – Awesome!”

    1. God this brings back memories. I kinda liked the Greatful Dead’s jams. But Journey was another story. Fortunately punk/new wave was coming into it’s own. I actually did like Billy Joel’s new wave period: “Still Rock and Roll to me”, “You may be right”, and “For the Longest Time” is classic acapella. Best (and still good imho) was Pat Benitar and Joan Jett and the Blackharts.

      1. I worshiped Joan Jett when I was a kid. I even tried to comb my hair to look like hers. I Love Rock & Roll! My parents bought her record album. I was in heaven.

        1. Wayne and Garth would approve 😉 My most disliked celebrity musicians are Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson (rip) and that Nikki woman on American Idol. “I think I’m gonna hurl!”

  3. I LOVE Journey! Also in regards to your last comment, I totally saw Joan Jett open for Aerosmith.

    It’s unfortunate that in Chicago, half the world hates Journey because every time you hear “Don’t Stop Believin’,” the Cubs fans groan and the Sox fans jam out. And this happens…A lot.

  4. 18 years between you and Jim? So we have another thing in common; my better half is 13 years older than me…He hates when I show him a pic from my childhood and say: “I was 3 here…so that means you were 16. You already had gfs when I was playing with Barbies!” 🙂
    And yet another thing: I love Phil Collins and have no-one to share my love for him with…Haha and here comes my Englishman saying: “you mean this as a joke, right?”. NO.
    I like music; not artists or genres, I guess it aint that bad! Besides, Phil has such a mellow and lovely voice and I could understand his lyrics when I did not even know how to introduce meself in English 🙂

        1. I think I know “Love Actually” by heart; and Bill Nighy, who plays this aging rockman, is awesome 🙂 Oh I love tons of British musicians, after all, most of all-time best bands are from UK!

          1. Hmm. Orange County, CA has always had a great music scene. The Beach Boys came from here and I played guitar with Randy Love who was Mike Love’s cousin. Also Bonnie Raitt, the Righteous Brothers, Dick Dale (remember “Pulp Fiction”) and now Los Lobos. 😀

    1. We have many conversations like this! Jim was in the Army and traveling the world while I was playing with Barbies. It is funny to think about.

      1. Hah, yeah, I always had something for older guys; maybe because I used to hang out with my brother’s friends in my teenage years. I was always the youngest in the group…
        But one thing I hate – he thinks he can win all our arguments “just” because he walks the earth 13 years longer than me…;)

        1. Jim doesn’t play the age card with me too often, mostly just to complain about being old. Like “you young people today” sort of thing.

  5. My husband and I are about 10 years apart and our music tastes are so different. He LOVES the 80’s and besides a few select bands I can completely live without that century. I do love the 70’s and the 90’s to current…. not sure why the 80’s didn’t have an impact on me, maybe it was just the horrible styles lol.

    1. The 80’s did have horrible style. Entertaining, but I am not sure I want them to make a full come back. It might be nice for big hair to come back in style because then I’d be wash and go ready!

      1. I hated the 70’s music, with a few exceptions (the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, John Prine. The 80’s brought back rock and roll: Bob Seager, John Mellancamp, Eddie Money, you name it. A welcome relief from the disco of the 70’s and the ridiculous dances people did then.

  6. I have been to four concerts in my life, one was Billy Joel, the other Journey (just this past summer). We have similar tastes, it seems. 🙂

  7. We could so road-trip together. Joe kept turning off Journey, Elton and Billy. I put my foot down when he started changing the channel on Neil Diamond. NOBODY touches Neil Diamond.

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