I’ve Solved My Art Collage Crisis!

Mermaid Ballerina

I am so excited today because I solved my art collage crisis! Remember how I was making mermaid collages, but I didn’t want to sell them because the paper was wrinkling? I didn’t think they were made well enough to send out into the world? Well, I have found a way to eliminate the wrinkling. It’s so simple I should have figured it out sooner. All I have to do is cut out my found paper pieces and coat each side with gel medium.

Coat one side with gel medium and let it dry. Then coat the other side and let it dry before gluing it to the collage.

This makes the paper sort of plastic-like. It’s coated so when I glue it down the moisture can’t get into the paper and make it wrinkle. This is going to be such a big help in my art collage making. I can now stop harassing every collage artist on the Internet about what kind of glue they use and what they do about the paper wrinkling (many said the wrinkling never bothered them). What a relief!

Images I rescued from discarded magazines.

Anyway, I am back to making mermaids. I went to a thrift store a few weeks ago and they were giving away stacks and stacks of old magazines. I piled as many as I could into my car and have been cutting things out ever since. I have a new reservoir of images and colors to work with. I also got some new mulberry paper that looks pretty in an ocean setting. The mermaid obsession lives!

Mulberry paper over acrylic paint.

At the same time I am working on a watercolor painting of a house. It’s a brick house and I was scared to start it, but I am happy with how it is coming along. I am hoping to finish it by next Monday. I am still working on the basic shapes. Once they are in place I will be adding in some details. It’s exciting to try new things.

Watercolor brick house close-up. (Yes, I have “She’s a brick house” running through my head the entire time I am painting…send help)

I am happy to have these projects going. I’ve been in an artistic slump lately. I think it’s because Spring is in the air. I don’t want to be inside, sitting (or standing) at a table. I want to be outside working with plants and moving around in the semi-warm air. Are you doing anything creative this week? Has anyone experimented with making an art collage?

Anyone else out there experiencing a bad case of Spring Fever?


14 thoughts on “I’ve Solved My Art Collage Crisis!”

  1. I love your Mermaid Ballerina collage and how you experiment with different media! Way to go, can’t wait to see more of your collages! And I too got a stack of magazines from a local charity bazaar so there is a lot of chop chopping on the way! Hugs to you Mermaid Sista! xoxox

    1. I keep seeing images and thinking of you, Sandra! I may have to send you some. It’s nice that magazines are just old junk to other people so we can get them for free! 🙂

  2. We’ve had snow this week, so spring isn’t luring me outside yet. I have felt decidedly uncreative this winter. I’ve allowed blogging and social media to take up too much of my mindspace.

    1. I’ve been thinking a great deal about blogging and social media lately. I think I have been spending too much time trying to promote my work and not enough time actually doing my work. I’ve been feeling sort of restless and like my wheels are spinning. This morning I realized I need to get back to basics. Writing and art making. The rest can become consuming and exhausting and in the end does not amount to much. The sun is helping me feel better. I hope you don’t get anymore snow and Spring starts coming soon!

  3. She’s a brick house was running through my brain even before I got to your comment about it. Now it’s stuck in mine.
    Your collage is so pretty. Glad you are getting back into it.
    I would love to have spring fever. Right now I have a bad case of cabin fever. Snow again today. Make it stop already!

    1. I just got that song out of my head…now it’s back. Haha! I guess I deserved that. I hope you don’t get anymore snow. I am sick of winter!

    1. Having good tools and materials are so helpful. I am so glad I figured this gel medium trick out. Now I can stop worrying so much about wrinkles! Well, I might still worry about my own wrinkles…haha!

  4. Glad to hear as I loved the mermaids collages (except the scary ones! :P). It usually is like that – the solution is so simple we forget about it whatsoever. I see spring makes you even more addicted to art, dont ever change that! 🙂

    1. I don’t think I liked the scary ones either. One of my artistic goals this year was to explore my dark side. I haven’t had much luck with that. It’s not where I want to be I guess. I can’t really do much about that!

  5. They will name this period of your art one day, “The Mermaid Years.” And I can say I was there. These are just so charming. I’m glad you’re lightening up on your social media – I was starting to become a junkie & it wasn’t healthy. I don’t think we’re wired to handle so much information at once. I need naps.

    1. I’ve become obsessed with numbers. I’m not really a numbers person. This just makes social media twice as painful…haha! I need a bumper sticker that says, “I could be on Facebook, but I’d rather be painting.” I’d probably have to stick it to my forehead instead of on my car.

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